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15 Months

Another crazy month....
Shes so cool!
Alycia (Jake's Sister) - was married to Chris on Friday, May 28th! - Here she is waiting patiently for things to start with her father :) Congratulations Alycia and Chris!!!
All the Preggos at the Reception (Lionel is just trying to fit in ;)
Its not very often that you get the WHOLE family dressed up!
Jake and Renee at the wedding
Leah at her 15 month check up (before her shots!) She is becoming such a big girl!
Shes Learning!
My 34th Birthday...WOW!!!
Jake announced all the raffle winners at our company picnic, it was a fun day! Leah won a lego set (shortly after this picture, she threw the box on the ground!) I won a pop up tent and Jake won Latter Golf! This is the first time we have ever won anything. Jake and his partner also took second place in the Cornhole tournament.
Leah trying to get a feel for the Moonbounce before she entered! Shes so funny!
Before the Picnic. Im now 32 weeks pregnant and going to the doctors every two weeks!! I cant believe this little one will be here so soon :) Cant wait to meet him!
Mom and Leah
Dad and Leah
Leah and I at Abbie's Bridal Shower
The Lady Cousins (minus Megan...who will be getting married in June!)
Family! It was so nice to see everyone!! Congratulations Abbie!!
Jake and I - Our Two Year Anniversary
We went down to National Harbor and had dinner at Bond 45. Afterwards, we went to a Piano Bar...we had a wonderful night out!!!
This is what happens when the three of us go out for the afternoon. Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
You can only take so much of Michaels Craft Store before you pull out the Sword!!
Red Sox vs. Orioles at Oriole Park
I think it felt like 100 degrees that was so hot!! Jason Varitek's homerun landed 5 seats down from Jake...of course Leah and I were walking around..we missed it!!
The girls after one of their school soccer games - the team has only lost one game! They play their final game today...with a win, they advance to Regionals - GO POTOMAC!!
...I love having the girls on the same team!!
Leah trying to keep herself busy while the girls are playing...stealing soccer balls
....Playing catch with other kids
....or just playing in the sand!