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July Family Pictures!

While we were on vacation in Massachusetts, I demanded family pictures!  Everyone is always so excited (not!)

June 2012

June has come and gone! School is out...and its play time!!  Follow us on our June adventures!!

Jasmine and Renee in their orchestra gowns for their Spring Show!

I thought it would be a good idea to rent a row boat one Saturday morning...sounded like fun?  ...lets just say, next time it will have a motor attached ;)

with soccer season coming to an end - Jasmine has been begging for her second set of holes in her ears

...bring on the pain!!!

Jake placing chicken on his NEW grill!  We had some rusted pieces that we "thought" we could replace on the old grill...nope, we were wrong!  Welcome to the family Mr. Grill...may you please stick around a little longer then the last! (I guess that requires us putting the cover on it when we are done ;)

So proud of my girls - All of the high school coaches vote on a 1st team, 2nd team and Honorable Mention Team for the District - Renee and Jasmine both made the Honorable Mention Team - Congrats ladies...even though you had no clue what that even was!

Our annual Balfour Beatty Construction Golf Outing - at least it was not 100 degrees!  Great weather, great people...always a good time!

Erica and I

Abbie's baby shower - Abbie and Aaron are due in August, I can't wait to meet her!!!

Family!  So good to see everyone!!

We are so proud of Jeanine!  She graduated from photography school.  This picture is at her school (CDIA). The night before graduation they had a gallery showing off all of the students work.

Graduation Day! 

Certificate in hand!!

Here we are again!  This time its Melanie's fault!!  After we say..."no more races", look what she finds!!  ...a mud run!  3.5 miles of obstacles and a ton of mud...not to mention...hill after hill after hill after hill (or should I say mountains??!!  I should have know when the course is on a Marine probably was not going to be easy!  This is our before shot! 

 After...its easy to find the finish line when there is beer at the end ;)


Happy Father's Day!!  Jake got to celebrate fathers day on Saturday night.  He had an early tee time and Leah wanted to make sure he had his new bag for the morning.

New ball marker, golf bag and a visor...he is all ready for his 8:30am tee time!

Sunday dinner in the backyard with my parents and the children

Leah and Matthew giving Jake homemade gifts

Big hug from Matthew

This is my favorite - Leah did this at school - too funny!!!

playtime in the yard

Box seats complete with lots of free food and drinks - at the Nationals / Rays Game.  Thanks for keeping me company Abbie and Aaron!

Happy Birthday Jasmine Leigh!  I can not believe you are 15 years old - everyone watch out, she will be driving before we know it!

Her new "kicks"