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Jasmine's Graduation - Class of 2015

Jasmine L. Richardson - Potomac Senior High School, Class of 2015
...I cant believe it!  I could not be more proud of this girl....Watch out World!!!  ....ODU, here she comes!!!

Everyone is arriving for the celebration - Dinner at Smokey Bones to visit Jasmine at work!

Nice walk around the neighborhood while Memere was in town

Time for the Celebration....Ceremony, Party and lots of presents for Jasmine!!


Last Day of Kindergarten for Leah...

With no time in between, the next week we were at Freshmen orientation for Old Dominion University!

Powerpuff Softball - Spring 2015

I had to post this separate because I had so many pictures!  This was a great time for our family!  Jake co-coached Leah's Softball Team, Her FIRST team sport.  It might be the one and only time that he does...Im not sure if softball was for her or not..but they had FUN!!!  Jake loved being there for the girls. They could not get enough of him! He LOVED being on the field, pitching to them and helping them learn the basics of the game! Leah, on the other hand, loved playing with the dirt and could careless what was going on during the game ;)

First Practice

Opening Day Ceremonies

First Game

Grandma came to a lot of the games!

She loved playing catcher....I think it was more like playing dress up...check out the pose!
....and she could sit on her butt...

Closing Ceremonies!  I made them all little "yearbooks" of the season and they had all their teammates sign them!