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9 Months (almost 10!)

I know, I know...its been a long time! excuses ;) Leah has been keeping us very busy, she is crawling very quickly and is all over the place. Every day she finds something else that she is not suppose to play with! The other day we found out she can climb the stairs and has no fear at all!!!! We took her to the doctors before Thanksgiving and she was 23lbs 11oz! She is a big girl ;) She has five teeth and is currently cutting more. Leah has a great personality and is learning new stuff all the time....she is an awesome little girl!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is looking forward to a fun filled Christmas and New Years!!
Family Picture Day!!
Would You Believe Me if I Told You This Was The First Shot????
Balfour Beatty's Holiday Party (We Brought Jeanine Along as our "Date")
Leah's First Thanksgiving
Bib From Grandma
The Princess
Leah and Her Cousin Kennedy
and The "Newest" Addition To The Robitaille-Meriano Family....Owen Paul
The Kids at Glow-in-the-Dark Putt-Putt
...and a Huge Sundae to Split Afterwards - 12 Scoops of Ice Cream/6 Toppings - They Finished it All!!!!
Leah Helping Her Dad Finish His Book!
"Thank You Uncle Howie for My Outfit...Its Mom's Favorite!!"
Laura and I with the Babies - after Flag Football
Renee and Jasmine w/ Their Friends on Halloween
Our Girls
Jasmine is in Heaven!!
Our Ladybug!!
She Discovered Leaves ;)
Jake and I at the UVA / Boston College was a close one!!

8 Months Old

Mrs. Leah as decided to hold off on all her moves until this month!! Rolling over, sitting up, pulling up on furniture, crawling...she is all over the place! Time to Leah-proof the house! She now has four teeth and is trying to chomp on everything!

This week, Leah, Jake and I have been fighting some sort of cold...we are very congested! Hopefully it will be over soon and the girls won't get it, we are a mess!!

We hope everyone is doing well and ready for Halloween!!! Enjoy the pictures!

Renee at her Regional track meet! Renee is in the burgandy and black, second in from the right! She ran the 800 and came in 2nd place. She ran it in 2.52 min...beating her personal best by 4 seconds. We are waiting to hear, but we think she may have broke the school record. GO RENEE!!!! Jake won the Chili Cookoff at work!!! He entered against 10 other contestants. He won a $100.00 Visa gift card. It was a good time! Best picture ever!!!
Jeanine and Renee's pumpkin....Hey, they look alike???
For some reason when I loaded all of these pictures of the Pumkin Carving Party, I did them backwards? So you will the end product first ;)
Jake, Gina and the boys getting started
The Mess Begins...
Leah showing off in the living room while everyone is carving pumpkins
Leah attempting to carve her first pumpkin
More Carving
More Mess
Finished Product! They did a great job!
Its official...Renee is taller then Grandma!!!
Grandma and Leah
Mom, Aunt Neaner and Leah
Crazy people at the pumpkin patch in the rain!
Has anyone seen Renee????
Me and the girls - FREEZING!!!
Jasmine and her pumpkin
Jeanine and I in our cool shirts our mom got us!
(I think she is trying to tell me I am a witch???)
Jasmine playing in Virginia Beach (she is #14)
Renee playing in Virginia Beach (she is #6)
Leah - tired of watching soccer so she decided to leave ;)
Doing pull ups in between the games...
while she was at it, she went for a slide!
Leah and Jake getting ready for another day of Soccer.
Leah and I
"all they do is drag me around to these soccer games"
"Crazy Sisters!!!"
Here is the wonderful view from our hotel...
to bad we NEVER got to walk out to the water! 6 soccer games in 1 1/2 days!
Leah and Xavier playing while their parents play football! They are so cute to watch!
The princess!
Jake's Birthday
Jake and the Girls

Video of Leah attempting to crawl

Video of Leah being "Leah"...shes so cute!