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4 Months Old!

Leah is now 4 months old! Jake took her to the doctors yesterday, she is 15lbs 8oz and is 26 inches long! She likes to babble and make crazy loud noices....hopefully soon she will be able to list rolling over as one of her talents!
Below are lots of pictures and videos from the last months events...ENJOY!!!!
One of Leah's gifts to her dad on his first Father's Day!
Jasmine's 12th Birthday Party at Laser Quest...we had lots of fun! The whole crew! Leah got a new walker...she doesn't care about any of the toys on it...she just likes eating the sides of her seat!
Renee was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on June 15th!
We had our family pictures taken at a Winery on Sunday. I can not wait to see them! Here are a few I took when we were done. She loves sticking her tongue out!
Renee and Jasmine
Jake has already made Leah a sports fan...she will not take her eyes off the TV
Leah and I at the pool
Leah and her best friend Mac (everywhere she lays...he has to be right beside her)
Leah's first trip to the pool (see video below)
The Princess
Jasmine's team won 1st place in the Virginian Tournament for the U12 Division over Memorial Day Weekend
Jasmine receiving her trophy
Renee's team won 2nd place in the same tournament for the U13 Division . The girls worked really hard and lost in the last 90 seconds of the game. They played all 5 games, with 11 players, after losing their only sub in the first game of the tournament! They were amazing!!!
Renee receiving her trophy

Jasmine playing her cello at her Spring Show

Leah's first time kicking the soccer ball (leave it to her sisters!!!)

Leah saying her first word "HI" ....according to Jasmine ;)

Leah's first time in the water