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Vacation - Pentwater, Michigan!!  Jam packed in the Honda Odyssey we made our 14 hour  journey to Pentwater, MI!

 Everyone in!  Miranda, Jasmine's friend came along with us this year!

 First stop, Murryville, PA.  Jake and I have an old friend that lives there.  Its right outside of Pittsburgh, which  makes a nice stopping point for dinner...and for the kids to stretch  and play before bed time!

 Like I said...the kids ;)

 Playing in the water next to the park....the little ones were ready to be cleaned up

Finally Arrived!!

Best View

First trip out on the boat...Jake, Chris and the kids!

Nap time for Daddy and Matthew

Back to the Rodeo!  Leah throwing darts - she is actually pretty good at it!

Horseback riding for the kids

Ready for the Rodeo to start
We signed Leah and Matthew up for Mutton Bustin'!

Leah won first place for an assisted ride!  Matthew did not enjoy it as much as Leah...maybe next year!


Happy 4th Birthday Matthew!!  
Thank you everyone for all for the wonderful gifts....AND his first fishing pole!!!  He was sooo excited!

Fishing in Bass Lake!! Everyone caught something...except for Miranda :(  The fishys did not like her!! ;)

We had a great visit with the Schuelke Family, it is always so nice to see them!!

All my babies ;)

Family Game Night!!  These guys are crazy!

First workout of the trip...start with a little run....

...end with a climbing a few sand dunes (ouch)

...see, they do love each other!

Playing on the hammock

View from the cabin

Family competition at AJ's Family Fun Center - Go Carts and Putt-Putt!

Matthew got to wake up early with Pepere and Daddy and go golfing!  He loves it!

Beach Day!!!  We took the boat to the Outlet to hang out on the beach for the was gorgeous weather...a little windy, but gorgeous!! The girls played in the water forever!!

Boat ride back to the cabin!  Leah loves the boat...she just sits right up front all by herself!

I went down to Grand Rapids to visit Diane and her family - I got to meet baby Cadence ;)

I went to go and get Jeanine from the airport, I get home at 1:00am and these guys are still up playing spoons, singing and laughing...I love them all...even the crazy ones!

So happy to have her with us!!

Grayson, Alycia and Leah...hanging out on the hammock!

Grayson's  new sweatshirt for her birthday (better late then never...ugh!)

My princess

Don't mess with Peps!

Jeanine is always the best at taking pictures of the family - we are so thankful to have her organize them and make sure everyone is sitting the correct way!  BUT THIS TIME...joke is on her!  While Jeanine was checking the last shot, Pepere said, "lets take three more"...when Jeanine agreed, Pepere whispered, so Jeanine could not hear him..(and I guess Auntie couldn't hear him either), "on the third shot, everyone stick out your tongue"...and so we did...and it came out awesome!!  Love my family!! 


We had this great idea to have an adult dinner out...since we had three teenagers to watch all the babies!  ...well, we might have picked the wrong night to eat outdoors - we were freezing...good thing they have hot alcoholic drinks to keep us warm ;)

Me and Alycia - my favorite sister in law!

Auntie Jackie and Uncle Paul drove all the way from New York to spend a few days with us at the cabin!   I was so happy they could join us!!

Ice Cream!

The girls taking on "The Pig"  ....yes, they demolished it!

Taking the kids out for a kayak trip

Jeanine taking a break from all the craziness ;)

We finally found the tree!!  Yippy!!  My brother carved "Finch" into the tree two years before he passed away.  Jeanine and I have been hunting for this tree in the woods FOR YEARS!  Thanks to an awesome tour guide (Niki)....WE FOUND IT!!!

After we found the tree, we decided to climb up even further...and when I say climb, I mean CLIMB!  This picture doesn't do it much justice, but we were  having a hard time getting to the top....biggest sand dune ever!  Here is Jasmine trying to use her "stick" to help her up the hill...she was so funny!

At last - we made it up - the view was amazing and so worth the trip!

...Jeanine falling flat on her butt on the way down!

We saved some sparklers for the lake.  I LOVE this picture...even though Leah is in her pjs!

On the way home, we stopped by to see Aunt Robin and Uncle Pat ....AND to pick up some more delicious bagels/pretzels for the ride home - AMAZING!

....another wonderful vacation in the books!