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October 2013

October Fun...
FINALLY, the love of my life, entered his 30's!!!  What a wonderful celebration!!!! (for me at least ;)
Jake's family was in town and we had him open gifts before the Red Sox Game..
Jake holding up a gift from his aunt - the lyrics to "My Next 30 Years" by Tim McGraw...with his iconic senior picture in the the pose Jake!!!
Jake wanted nothing more then his brother to play a show down in Virginia for his birthday - trying to get everyone in the band down to VA was just not going to his family gave us a ton of cash (which is attached to this haunted tree) for us to come up and go to "Freak Fest!" ...which Andrew's band was hosting!! You guys are awesome :)
While everyone was in town, Deven and Zack stopped by Adam's in Quantico on the way to MA - Welcome to the family Zack!!!  A little Cards Against Humanity with the family to make you feel welcome...or uncomfortable :) 

Jake's "real" birthday was during the week - the kids helped me make and decorate his cake...I guess I should not have walked away when they put the candles my husband is only three!

I didn't have the heart to change it "Happy 3rd Birthday Dad!"
We threw Jake a surprise party the Saturday after his birthday!  Thanks to Ryan for taking Jake out to play golf all day so we could set up and prepare food!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen...I could not have done it all by  myself!  We have the best friends and family!!
Starting the party with shots...well, they were...I was drinking coffee!
Melanie and I made these great mustache chocolate lollipops ...such a great addition to the "man" party!  haha!



It wouldn't be a party without beer pong!


Tough Mudder  VA - 2013 
Jake, Andrew, Adam, Nate and Josh conquered the Tough Mudder...a 10 mile obstacle course!!
The boys getting ready to take on the course...Go Sox!!!
It was about 40 degrees at race time, good thing they had the beards and hats to keep them warm.

Jake hydrating while carrying the team log - if the log made it back to the finish line, Tough Mudder would donate money to the Wounded Warriors...they made sure it got there!!

Lounges in between the hills just for fun!

The course went through parts of VA and WVA...I love that they had these signs.
They all survived  and got all cleaned up - tired and sore, they are back home to relax!
Cox Farm

Part of our company picnic was at Cox Farm this year!  We had a blast with Jake's parents and the kids!
Memere and Leah going down the slide...Leah loved it!
Jasmine and Matthew going down the slide...Matthew did not like it!

Three generations of Robitaille's!!

...on the hayride!

My little piggy!!!

...throwback picture...from 2006 - Jasmine could barely fit in the egg!  They are such good sports!!!

The after party at Leon's house - the girls...I cant believe that three of them are graduating high school this year!!  Jasmine is stuck with me for another year!!!
Potomac High School Homecoming

My Princesses!

**Note:  Jasmine has on heels!!  She is NOT taller then me!  ...yet :(

Southbridge Fall Festival
 Each year, our community association holds a festival for the kids!

Diggin' for candy!
This was the coolest ride..the kids are locked in these little cages and it goes round and round!  I think I need one of these "cages" for the house!!! :)

Decorating a pumpkin with Aunt Maggie...
Matthew turning his pumpkin into a cat?
...on the train! the fire engine!
Matthew was to scared to get in the seat on the fire truck...but I was able to get him on the back ;)
While Andrew was in town for the Tough Mudder, he was able to catch one of the girls travel soccer games...Jasmine put on a show for him...she scored four goals!!
Freak Fest in MA...

Grandkids on Memeres couch!

Alycia ...or should I say Medusa...and Grayson

Risky Biz stage

Phil, Jake and I at Freak Fest...yep, we are frogs - this is what happens when you wait until the day of to put together a find frog hats and go with it! haha!

Alycia, Andrew, Phil and Jake

Andrew performing on stage...his makeup was awesome!

Breakfast with the family on Sunday morning...

Pictures outside many kids!!!

Cousins..I love this picture!!

Me and my Grayson with her first "spout"
Halloween at the Day Care

Diggin' through brains!

Popcorn race...who can fill the pumpkin first...

Big Muscles!
Red Sox Win the World Series!!

Jake woke Matthew up after game six of the World Series!

....he was not to happy...but he will thank him later!  Sox Win, 6-1 at Fenway!!


Kids on the door step

The Trick or Treating Team!

Aaron and Renee

Mama and her Superhero!!

Mama and her other Superhero!  ...and my drink ;)

These two crack me up!  Love their pose for this picture!

We found these two guys...Loved their idea who they are!!
Catchin' a ride on the wagon between houses!

The four of us ran a 5k for Childhood Brain Cancer...

The Blondin's came out for one of the girls travel games...after their game, we went to watch Maggie and Katie!  The four soccer stars!!