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He's Finally Here!!!

Matthew Robert Robitaille made his way into this world yesterday at 10:36am weighing 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long! Baby and I are doing great, the c-section went really well! He is much smaller AND quieter than Leah ;) He is a great baby! Here are a few pictures from his first day....
Matthew's nursery - the night before we left for the hospital
Jake in his cool scrubs!
Matthew Robert...The Thinker
The Family!!!
Jasmine...who knows what Matthew did?
Leah entertaining herself in the hospital
Ugh oh...The girls got a hold of him already!

July we come...Robitaille - Family of 6!!

I almost forgot to add these!!
Matthews Bassinet from Memere!
We have a lot more to do...but its getting there.... Thank you Pepere for helping with the border!!!
Oh June...where have you gone?? Not that this is shocking to anyone, but its been another busy month!!
Renee had her awards ceremony for 8th grade on June 17th! She was presented an award for having a 3.5 grade point average or higher throughout all 3 years of middle school! She also received the Physical Education Award...which was given to one male and one female in the 8th little athlete!! Next to high school (yes, I am wiping my tears!) After the awards ceremony, that evening the school held a dance for all of the graduating students. They all looked so pretty!
June 22nd, Jasmine turned 13 (yes, I am wiping MORE tears!) How do you make your daughters 13th birthday the best birthday her something she has wanted for years....A CELL PHONE!!! It was the best, Jake put the phone in the back of Leah's jumper and then Jeanine called it...the ring tone was my voice explaining the responsibilities of a cell phone...she went nuts trying to get it out of Leah's pocket! It was great!!
The little princess is getting bigger by the day, she has such the personality! We have been battling with fluid in her ear since November and FINALLY it has gone away. She doesnt say too much (she just started saying mama 3 weeks ago) so hopefully that will change now. My mom said yesterday that she said "up" and "down!"
Jake has been very busy! He had a nice Father's Day, he got two new "wedges" for golf, a gift card and some new clothes. We have been doing a lot of "preparing" for our little boy! He has painted the basement for Renee and Jasmine, painted the nursery, put together furniture, moved furniture, stained the deck (ok, that was for me!)...the list goes on and on!! AND on top of all that...his softball team won FIRST PLACE in their division last night AND last week at our company golf outing, his foursome won FIRST PLACE!! He is the best husband ever ;) Thank you for everything that you do! for me! We have a date!! Mr. Matthew Robert Robitaille will make his grand appearance on Monday, July 19th!! I go in for my c-section at 10:00am (hopefully, that will not change?) So far, everything has been going well. I discovered the other day that I love the pool!!! Back pain....GONE! ...until I get out :) Im still trying to walk 3 miles at least 4 times a week and take a spin class each week as well...we will see how long I can keep that up!
I wanted to say THANK YOU to Jeanine for throwing us a "Baby Boy Bash" was so nice to celebrate with all of our friends and family! The kids had a blast with the pinata, pool, moonbounce and water guns. The cake was great with the jersey on it (thanks mom!) and Abbie made little dinosaur cakes to go with it (so cute), Jake cooked on the grill, a good time was had by all! Thank you to everyone who brought us gifts, that was very thoughtful of know this whole "boy thing" is new to us ;)
Here are some pictures from the month :) Hope everyone is doing well!! HAPPY 4TH!
Before the Baby Boy Bash could get started....USA World Cup Game
Jake and Pepere cooking on the grill
Presents for Matthew it - Yankees "yuck"
Red Sox gifts from Memere
The Cake "Baby Boy Robitaille"
Memere and Leah (eating cake)
Pinata Time!
Watch out Jasmine!!
...Jake broke it ;)
...and kept it for a hat
Leah in the Moonbounce (Thank you Mr. Tom)
The guys playing ping pong
Leah...shes a bad girl!
Johnna and I at our company golf outing...can you say 97 degrees!
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Birthday Jasmine!
The girls are so excited...Jeanine is taking them to act like monkeys for a day! Rope/Adventure course in MD...I want to go :(
Why is moms voice coming out of Leah's back pocket?
I got it, I got it!!!
...oh wait, theres rules that go with the phone????
Happy Father's Day Jake / Happy Birthday Jasmine (see her phone)
Grandma and Renee after Graduation
Renee, Jeanine and Jasmine - Jeanine did Renee's hair for the dance
Renee with her GPA Award
Renee receiving her Physical Education Award
Graduation Cupcakes
The Graduates
The Girls ready for the dance
My Nae!
Proud Mama
Double Trouble