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Leah is 6 Months Old!!!

I can not believe that summer is almost over! We have had a wonderful August :) Renee volunteered for a week of Vacation Bible School...She loved the three year old class, they wore her out! Renee and Jasmine have been gearing up for travel soccer. The season starts with the Toys for Tots Tournament on Labor Day weekend. Here comes the craziness!!! It is well worth it, we have lots of fun :) When school starts, Renee will be trying out for the track team (which won regionals last year - Renee came in 2nd in her event...the 800) and Jasmine will be trying for a spot on the volleyball team.
We also took a 10 day vacation in Massachusetts. It was so nice to be with the girls and do nothing but play! Normandy Farms kept them busy everyday....scavenger hunts, candy bar bingo, family softball, soccer, kickball, ping pong, swimming, shuffleboard, dodgeball, carriage rides, painting ceramics, making t-shirts - you name it, they did it! Enjoy the pictures! Hope everyone is doing well!
Here she is....1 month old! ...5 months later, 11 lbs more lovable and 6 1/2 inches taller ...and whatever is in her hands reach she will try to eat!!!
she is a trooper - 3 shots for her 6 month check up (poor baby)
Leah sleeping through her first Demolition Derby at the fair!!!
Jasmine always puts a big smile on Leah's face
Normandy Farms
Foxboro, MA
The Cabin
Jake and I in front of Fenway
Jake took me on a tour of Boston. This is the view from "Top of the Hub" restaurant at the top of the Prudential Building. We had lunch and enjoyed the view. The rain held back and we had a great day.
Leah's first trip to the Beach
(this was taken before she had a mouth full of sand)
Smores in front of the Cabin
Chandler, Renee, Dylan and Jasmine participated in a scavenger hunt - one of the items on the list...dress up as an eighties aerobics instructor! Jasmine did a great job playing the part....
They won first place!
Leah hanging out with the guys after they got back from playing basketball
After our carriage ride (horses are amazing animals!)
Leah watching Pepere and Daddy playing basketball
Candy Bar Bingo!!!!
The girls won 4 times - we had to have at least 75 candy bars!!
Patriots Stadium
(there was a jumbo screen with the Red Sox game on it...I was watching that instead of the camera!)
Uncle Chris and Leah watching Daddy play horseshoes
(the man on the far right is not Daddy...haha)
Painting ceramics
the girls painted Dopey and Goofy
The girls all dressed up for the Robitaille's 30th wedding anniversary
...I dont even know what to say about this picture?
Our Family
Happy 30th!!!
Alycia is getting married next May!
She found the dress of her dreams :) (sorry Chris, Im not posting it!!)
Our trip to the National Zoo with Jillian, Matt and Kennedy!
Apparently we missed the sign that warned us of free roaming animals..there is nothing between this monkey and us!
Leah loves the octopus
...and the plant life