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Bass Lake Vacation 2011

This year our Family Vacation was to Jen's Family Cabin in Michigan, right on the water of Bass Lake. It had been several years since Jen, Clay, Louise and the girls had gone to the cabin, and the first time for Jake, Leah, Matthew, MacGyver, Lionel and Donna. The cabin known as "Finchhaven" has been in Jen's family for decades and home to many memories. We were lucky enough to make several great memories of our own on the trip.

Our girls relaxing on the hammock in front of the cabin.

Enjoying the beautiful weather and water next to the dock.

Leah and Jake enjoying a ride on the boat.

Matthew and Jen riding on the boat.

Wind in her hair and not a care in the world.

Someone fell asleep.

This is a shot heading out of Bass Lake into Lake Michigan at the Outlet
Time to make smores!

Whether he has his Super Hero PJ's on or not...our man is a fearless climber

Putt Putt at AJ's Amusement Park

Look at me!!! I'm just like my big sister.

One of the holes had a little stream, Leah decided stepping in it was a good idea.

Dad and Leah Strapped in and ready to drive.

Memere, Momma and Jaz ready to roll!

And the winner is LEAH!!

The gang at AJ's having a blast.

Drive in movies, here we come.

One of the four projectors

We are ready!

Jeanine, Jaz and Jen watched Bad Teacher
While the rest of the crew watched Transformers

Sunset at Bass Lake

What a good looking couple.

Our nightly routine, Pepere walks the dog while
Jake and Jen walk Leah and hopes that they fall asleep!

The girls relaxing with Grandma and Auntie Jeanine on the porch.

Yep ...

Not sure what is wrong with these two

Clay and Donna relaxing by the water.

Playing in the water all days is tiring.

Renee and Jaz spent plenty of time enjoying the hammock

Sunday, we had a BBQ for friends and family from Michigan, some of which we had not seen in a long time.
It was incredible to see all of you, thank you so much for coming.

Jeanine with the amazing Aunt Robin. Thank you Aunt Robin and Uncle Pat for going over the "ropes" with us, we really appreciate it!

 "The Crew"

The boys fishing

Macgyver is 8 years old and has never been in the water before. (besides the tub!)
Jake decided to throw him in and see if he could swim.
It wasn't the prettiest thing...but our old dog can swim!

Hangin Out!

Our boy loving the sand box, which his momma also played in at this age.


That's one strong hammock

Mom and Matthew having fun

Pepere cooking up some dinner

Father and son

Leah and Mac

The prettiest girls in the world

Jeanine, Aunt Robin, Jen and Uncle Pat

Matthew trying to sail

Sailing lessons with Uncle Pat. Thank you so much for teaching us how to sail.
We definitely could us some more lessons.

Jen and the girls had not been back to the cabin since her brother Rob passed away.
Rob's favorite shot was a "Buttery Nipple" so naturally we toasted to Rob and threw down some shots.

This is Kevin's boat. Kevin is a long time friend of the Fraker's.
Kevin was nice enough to take us out on his boat Saturday.

Matthew floating around with Momma.

All of our amazing children playing in the water.

Jazzy hanging out on Kevin's boat

Auntie Jeanine and Jaz

Jazzy kneeboarding.
Thanks again Kevin.

Those crazy sisters.

The angels asleep. Another sucessful walk.

Love Magnets!!

Oh No, Auntie is babysitting tonight...

Summer work??? What???? She is so dedicated!!

Lookin for some food!

The kids on the dock...first thing in the morning!

Love this view from the cabin


I think we all have tried it...sorry Renee, it doesnt get any more stations!!

This is what fat dogs do!

Yes...they are related!

Naptime (this is what happens when we are up half the night with two crying babies!)

Time for family pictures! Jeanine is awesome!

The girls loving the bikes!

Clay and Louise at the Outlet

Love this!!

The kids on the boat with Jake