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October and November

I know it has been a long time! Things have been so busy! Here is a quick update of the last two months! Hope everyone is doing well!!
We had a busy weekend as Matthew was baptized and the girls were confirmed. Here is Matthew and his Godparents, Chris and Alycia.

Father Bob baptizing Matthew. Father Bob is a French Canadian from Massachusetts and went out of his way to Babtize Matthew the same weekend the girls were confirmed, allowing all our amazing family to come down to see both events.

Matthew's gown is a family heirloom that has been in Jen's family since 1909. Leah, the girls and Jen were all baptized in it as well.

The Robitaille Family - It was so nice to have you all here for the weekend! ..if you are wondering why Jake is sporting a full beard, he is growing it for a fundraiser our company is participating in called "Movember" raise money and awareness of Prostate Cancer! Last night he shaved off the beard into a fu manchu (there will be no pictures of that!!)
Jeanine and Mom(Louise) were the girls confirmation sponsors.
Congrats Ladies!
The girls, their Sponsors and the Bishop
The girls and all of our loving family who came down to visit us.
I don't think Matthew is ready to celebrate? Maybe because his cake said "Matthen!"
Uncle Chris keeping Matthew warm out on the deck!
Jeanine bought Jake tickets to Go Ape for his birthday (Go Ape is an outdoors Rope course) - we had a blast...lets just say I need a little practice landing on the zip-line!
Here are some pictures from our photo shoot with Jeanine! As you can tell the Jefferson is Jake's favorite Monument. Thank you again Jeanine, I love them!!
Matthew and his proud mama.
You wonder why Leah is so fearless?
The whole family with the Washington Monument in the background.
Jeanine also came to our football game one Saturday, she took these of the babies :)
....Leah getting in on the huddle
This is my favorite!
Renee ready for homecoming! Jen might have cried a couple of times as her little girls continue to grow into amazing little women.
Happy Halloween!
My Tigger
MacG...the ghost!
My Piglet
My scary 14 year old!
Leah's ride for the night! I love how she is holding her bag open!
My Jasmine! I'm not really sure what her costume was?
Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze with the Goodwins!
Its amazing what will entertain them!
Leah and Jake checking out the cows!
Memere and Matthew
The girls in the Corn Maze
Leah making her own maze...
we are lost!
we are never getting out!
Memere, Jake and Leah
Matthew is my first thumb cute!
The girls both had a soccer tournament in VA Beach in early October, we had a great time!
walking the boardwalk
Poor Leah, she gets dragged around from game to game! She fell asleep with this straw between her toes! HA!
Matthew on the balcony at our hotel! He's the happiest little guy!!
Matthews first sunrise at the pretty!
She always has to get in her nap!
Did I mention that for the first time - both girls teams (U15 and U14) took first place!!! It was a nice ride home! Above is Renee's team
Jasmine's Team
Jasmine receiving her medal
Renee receiving her medal