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14 Months Old!!

Leah is getting so big and is walking all over the place! She loves to explore the outdoors and can not get enough of rocks?? Allergies seem to be bothering her, but she has been a trooper for the most part. Things have been busy as always! Travel soccer season started for Renee and Jasmine. Practice has begun for school soccer. Jake has already broken out the golf clubs and his first softball game was last week! As for me, Im just trying to keep up with everyone while I grow by the day! Just in case you have not heard the good news...we are having a boy!!! Yes, you read correctly, I did type "BOY!!" We could not be happier :) We are working on moving children and painting rooms to accomodate our new addition coming in July! We have also purchased a Honda Odyssey for easy travels...there was no way a family of six was going to fit in the Altima...unless Renee was willing to ride in the trunk :)
Here are some pictures from the last month
The girls in their Red Sox hats...they are so cool ;) Leah Posing
Leah in her rockstar outfit that her Auntie Alycia bought for her
Leah's Hairdresser, Jasmine, hard at work!
Leah entertaining herself with a box at Alycia's Bridal Shower
Leah's First Time on a Swing!
Leah's First Ice Cream was so tiny, she ate it all by herself...with minimal mess!!!
I know this is a dark picture, Jasmine is standing with the cello on the far right, Renee is hiding in the middle somewhere! The girls were asked to be part of the 8th grade Festival Orchestra - they practice for weeks and then go to the high school to perform in front of 3 judges. They are evaluated in many areas, including site reading. Their orchestra received all ones - Superior Ratings!!! When we left, they were the only middle school that had scored all ones!! So proud of them!!
The girls after their performance
Leah giving her mama kisses ;) Shes so sweet (when she wants to be)
Who needs toys, just get her a DVD player, she seems to enjoy playing with that all the time!!!! ...and the computer, and the stuff on the shelves, the DVDs and long as she is not suppose to play with it...she loves it!
The Innocent Leah, ready for church
Jasmine's Soccer Team after their preseason tournament - they took second place! It was a great tournament, they played really well!
Renee's Team played in a tournament the following weekend, and they lost in the finals as well! We are great at taking 2nd ;)