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MacGyver Robitaille

MacGyver Robitaille
11/10/2003 - 9/28/2012

Unfortunatley, Macgyver, our beloved dog and long time friend, passed away.  I got MacG in my junior year of college for way more money than a college student has, but he was worth every cent.  We had many a crazy nights! MacG was kicked out of my apartment my senior year for urinating on the land lord.  So with the exception of the last couple weeks of my senior year and the first couple months when I moved down to D.C, MacG and I were always together.  Mac actually moved into Jen's house before I did.  With the hours I was working, Jen and the girls took great care of him. A few months later I moved in!  Ever since then we have been one big family.  Mac G lived in Boston, Fairhaven, Germantown, MD and Dumfries, VA.  Through out his years, he visited Connecticut on a college trip, Foxboro, MA and Pentwater, Michigan.  Mac G you were a great dog and will be missed.

When we got the new couches, Mac got stuck with the pillows.
Our lazy dog loved lounging in the living room and watching TV with us.
This was taken last year when we visted Michigan. 
Mac was Jeanine's co-pilot on the trip.
From what  I hear when she got tired he kept her awake by sleeping in the passenger seat next to her. 

He was 7 years old before he went for his first swim.  Mac G swam for his life but he definitley could hold his own!! I dont' think he enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed watching him.

This is a picture of Mac G a couple of months old
in our first place together on Huntington Ave.
Did I mention that we liked to be lazy on the couches??
I think he was trying to escape.
He definitely put on some pounds as he got older, but if the TV was on this was a common scene.  He loved those kids!

Well I'm not sure who is more adorable here but this picture is fantastic.

This is my alltime favorite picture of Mac G.  When Jen was pregnant with both Leah and Matthew he would always lie on her like this. 
He could have just done it because that was one comfy belly but I like to think that he felt like he was protecting them.

Look at my handsome boys!!

This is Mac's first meeting with Leah.
I laugh just looking at it.
"What is that thing and why is it in my sleeping area"?

"Hey she's not so bad she likes to lie around too"
I want to point out that ever since Leah and Matthew were born if we were to run up the stairs he would bark like crazy thinking something was wrong.  We would always yell at him to knock it off. 
It's the small things that you miss the most :(

Ohh Mac it's amazing what we put you through.

Mac you were a great dog.  I hate coming home and you not being there. 
I miss our walks and I miss you running around like a crazy nut.
The other night I was alone in the house. 
No kids, no wife no Mac, that was a rough night.
Love you buddy!!

September 2012

School is back in session!  Renee and Jasmine are back at Potomace High School - Renee is starting 11th  and Jasmine is starting 10th!

Its hard to believe, I will only be able to take "first day" pictures of the both of them for one more year!  Unless Im there for the first day of college...and I think Renee would have to put her foot down on that one!



All my kiddos - Matthew was starting a new class that day too! 

What do you do on a rainy Saturday??  You put on your swimsuit and go outside to play with dad!

...I guess she should be wearing cleats instead of Crocs when she is kicking a soccer ball in the rain...she ended up on her bum!

Wears the sand??

Matthew and Jake are off to watch the first Patriots game of the season

Jasmine made the varsity volleyball this season (14)!  We love to watch her play!!  This game was at my high school...I was a little torn - I really wanted to cheer on my  school!

Homecoming Parade - the volleyball team in the back of a pick up truck - shockingly, noone fell out!

Leah with the Potomac Panther


Renee with her Cross Country teammates!

My Girls!

Jake and I took a trip to PA in late September for our friends wedding at Rolling Rock Country Club!  Congrats Matt and Whitney!!  The grounds were beautiful!

Jake and I


On the way home, we visited the Flight 93 Memorial in PA.


October 1st we celebrated Jake's 29th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!

How many Robitaille's does it take to blow out a few candles???

Grandma and her girls!

...Jeanine was here too...but yet again, she was behind the camera!