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Family Vacation: Bass Lake Michigan

We took a week off in July for our family vacation!  We had a wonderful time.  We love staying at Finchaven in Bass Lake, MI!
On the way to Michigan, we stopped in Pittsburgh to visit an old coworker, from Balfour Beatty, and his family!  We took the kids to the park to burn off some energy and eat dinner.  While we were wondering around, the girls found this great creek!  They had fun playing in the water.  We got back in the car and they fell right asleep!

We miss you Bret!!


We were in Michigan for the Bass Lake Sailing Club races...we have never been at the cabin (well, at least since I was little) during the races.  Jake helped Alex for one of the races, he had a great time!

Sunrise on the lake
Our first night, we went to the Rodeo!! 


Jake won these blow up guitars for the kids...and a cowboy hat for Matthew!

Jake and I chasing calves to pull a ribbon off their tails...those buggers can run!!

The girls on the bikes
I strolled the kids down to outlet

The girls...they both still fit!



The kids enjoying moms favorite ice cream moms favorite spot!

Swimming in the lake with Memere

The kids are exhausted!

Playing in the sandbox

Celebrating Matthew's 3rd Birthday!  We traveled on his actual we celebrated two days later...shhh, he will never know ;)
Matthew opening presents 

Jen, Jen, Don and Janice!  Don't get to see these guys very often, but I have known them for thirty plus years!!  So good to see them!

Don was helping Matthew with his first time fishing!  He caught a fish so fast, I could not believe it!!

Matthew was having so much fun, Jasmine had to come down and check it out

...she got one too!

...and then Leah

Matthew telling Dad all about his fish!

Jasmine even baited her line!

Family Game Night!

Leah peaking through the window


Pepere and I

Get ready for the competition...they are ready!!

Matthews first time in a race car...he wasn't really sure if he should laugh or cry?? By the end, he was having a blast!!

Jasmine and Pepere rode to Pentwater on the bikes!
They both survived...but right after I took this picture..this truck almost backed up right into Jasmine!!  Good thing her mother has a loud mouth ;)
Trip to the beach!

We decided to take a tour of a local dairy was very interesting!  Their chocolate milk and cheese was AMAZING!!

We all had to wear hairnets before we went into the production plant

On the tractor going to se the cows...

Leah milking the fake cow

Outside of Moo School afterwards the drive in
...the girls being funny!

horseshoes for Jake and Pepere after a round of golf!

The girls out in Ludington...had to stop for some coffee...or smoothies ;)


Time for Smores!!

Pepere dancing to his own beat..haha!

 All my babies

Dan was so kind to give the girls sailing lessons

Back to the was a little chilly!!

love this!!

I saw a woodpecker!!! Cant say I have ever seen one of those before??

What??? I cant walk in the water with my shoes and socks on??

Renee!!  She looks so high!

Oh look...the kids have more ice cream!!  Who keeps taking them there??? ;)

Matthew napping in my favorite spot on the hammock!

Jeanine is here!!  Lunch after family pictures!  We were so happy to have her there for two days..she even took our family pictures!

The Eastman's Rock - They left us this awesome bottle of "Finch Brewery" Beer!!


Family Pictures!

by Jeanine Finch