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November 2014

This is what goes down when you get my mom and Jeanine together....after a 1/2 glass of wine, someone needs a little assistance with knitting!

Redneck Party!!!

Best party ever!  Jake and I went to a housewarming party at a few of our "younger" coworkers new house.  What a fun theme....Redneck Party!!!  I have to say, we do work construction so Im not sure I saw very many "unusual" outfits ;)

Spartan Sprint - Fenway Park
In mid-November, Jeanine and I set out on an adventure to BOSTON!!!  We flew up on Friday to "prepare" to run the Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park!!  We rented an apartment for the weekend that was literally two blocks from the Park.  Friday we met up with one of my coworkers and her friends, Jessica and Steve, and Alycia, my wonderful Sister-in-law...who I talked into doing the race with us :) We had such a wonderful time.  It was nice to hang out with two of my favorite girls and relax! ...well, kind of relax....

Jeanine and I at the airport..."preparing"

Alycia, Jeanine and I ...."preparing" some more at a bar in Boston...

Grace and I

Jessica!!!  It was so good to catch up with her...two days in a row!!!

The entire crew - Jason, Grace's husband was running the race too!

Its official!  We have our packets and ready to go....and praying it warmed up a little...geezzzz, it was cold!!!!

Our Fan Club

Never paid much attention...but we all have blue eyes!!
Who's racing??  Not us!  Stopping for a selfie in the visitors dugout...just thought I would try and call in a new pitcher ;)  No one answered??

Well, we needed a picture with Wally!  Alycia is kind of sitting on him! really looks like we stopped for pizza, beer and ice cream!

Cargo net they had set up going from the field to the seats

Alycia and I doing ball drops

Wall Climb

Dinner after the race with our biggest supporters!

On Sunday, we went to Cheers for lunch - BEST CLAM CHOWDER!  Who knew the real bar was  Bull & Finch Pub???  Where have I been?? Best part, I was trying to explain it to Jasmine and she was clueless to what "Cheers" even was....I'M GETTING OLD!!!

While mama is away....THIS is happening back in Virginia!!  Such an awesome Dad!


Volleyball!!!  End of Season Banquet

Jasmine made Second Team All Conference!!! 

 Lego Movie at Swans Creek

The Elementary School had Movie night on a Friday evening.  I took Leah, Matthew, Chloe, my mom and Don :)  They were so excited to go, we had pizza, snacks and watched the movie...well, some of us did, someone couldn't make it the entire movie....AND FINALLY, it wasn't me!!!

Spartan - End of Season Party

The weekend after we got back from Boston, we had our Spartan end of the season party at Rick's house,  he did an amazing job!  The food was labeled as obstacles, we played Spartan Jeopardy and he even had prizes!  I now have a new workout buddy!  Heavy Henry - my 30lb workout partner ;)
Thank you to everyone above that has pushed me at one point or another!  #SpartanFamily!

Renee came home for Thanksgiving!!  So happy to have all my babies under one roof!!

 Leah received her VERY FIRST award in public school -  Reading and Math award.  She received this award for reading and practicing math at least 20 days for the month of October!  Shouldn't Jake and I receive this award???

Off to Work with Dad!

With Jake's new project being in DC, he takes the VRE (train) to work every day from Quantico.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Matthew went with him! ...he had the time of his life.  This boy loves trains...and loves hanging out with Dad!

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving tradition - FLAG FOOTBALL!!   MJ and Grandma sat this one out ;)

Grandma staying warm on the bleachers

Team Colie!

Team Little B!

Regardless of the score we all had a good time and are ready to EAT!!!


Jake perfecting his stolen family stuffing

Matthew made this wonderful centerpiece!  He made the turkey at school,  I brought home two bouquets of flowers, I cut them down and he placed them all in!  I thought for sure I would have to rearrange them, but he did an awesome job. 

So nice to have everyone together on Thanksgiving.  Chris, Alycia and Grayson came down just in time for dinner :)  We were without Matt and Dad, yet so THANKFUL for the family that we have on earth to celebrate with.  We are soooo blessed!!

Christmas Tree Time!!!

Grayson, Leah and Matthew destroying the house!

Family putting up the tree

Everyone needs professional pictures when they are putting up the tree!  Thank you Jeanine for taking these amazing photos....a treasure to have forever!

Silva Family Portraits...Jeanine Strikes Again!!

and a couple of the little ones....
She does an amazing job!!!

Alycia and Chris say goodbye to Nae...time to take her back to school :(


Best Thanksgiving Announcement!!!  JASMINE GOT ACCEPTED TO ODU!!!!  So proud of my princess, now she can focus on school and finding scholarships :) :)

Leah's First Dentist Visit (Im probably taking this blog thing a bit far..ha!)
She did a great job....and surprisingly enough is taking her teeth brushing a little more seriously!  Her least favorite part was the spit sucker...she really just thought that was weird! She even received a goodie bag with a sugar-free lollipop AND Elsa stickers...haha!