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Jasmine's JV Volleyball at Potomac

Jasmine is now a Freshmen at Potomace High School!  Its so hard to believe!  She made the JV Volleyball team (#5) this fall and has really been enjoying it.  She played for her middle school in 8th grade and participated in a camp over the summer.

 Go Panthers!!

Jake's 28th Birthday!

On October 1st, my wonderful husband turned 28!!  We had a wonderful Spaghetti and Meatball dinner with family!  Thank you all for the wonderful gifts...he really made out!!  He has everything he needs for excuses - less then a month until he runs the Marine Corp Marathon!

 Jake's mom came down to visit for the weekend - She made an awesome dinner!  Thanks Donna!  As you can see, Jasmine was not feeling well and our poor Renee has a concusion (she slipped in the shower)  Both of them were miserable! My poor girls, I dont think they have ever not felt well together???

 Presents!  Presents!  Presents!  ...Leah is always a good helper! (Go BC - Thank you Jeanine!)

Thank you Andrew...he loves it!

Alycia Visits DC and Matthew's First Haircut

Alycia came to visit on the way back home to MA (from her vacation in Florida!) 
It was so nice to have her for the weekend!

 Alycia with her Godson, Matthew

Alycia, Matthew, Leah and the most expensive inflatable Dora doll in the world (thank you Auntie!)

 We finally decided it was time to cut Matthew's hair :(  He was going for the Brady look...but we had to give up...his bangs were covering his eyes...

 He was not happy at all...

 Poor little guy

the more curls :(

...but still cute as can be...I love this little guy!!!

 Girls at the Carnival

Jasmine wishing she could be anywhere in the world besides on a flying dragon
 with her two year old sister :)

Renee making her way through the glass house.. $4 and she was out of that house in less then a minute - I hate carnivals...they suck me in every time!!

Enjoying the last bit of summer...

Well, Its official, summer is over!  It was a busy one for us...but we had lots of fun!  Our summer consisted of a Half Marathon, trips to Hershey Park, PA, Pentwater, MI, two trips to Massachusetts, a trip to Dewey Beach, Delaware, and a trip to Vegas. The older girls are back in school and its back to the grind.....Hope everyone had a wonderful summer - here is how we closed it out ...

So I am pretty sure that I mentioned how "excited" we were that the girls were going to be playing on the same travel team because Jasmine was going to be playing "up" with Renee's age group...well, that all came crashing down on us right before the season started...the team folded! crushing - but, good things came out of it - Renee is now playing up on the U19 team which is a great experience for her and Jasmine is back with her team she has played with for years...she could not be happier!

First tournament of the season with a new team - Renee's team takes first and she played almost every minute of every game!

Renee slides to keep the ball in play...Jeanine caught this great shot!

Jasmine's team also had success - they took second place in their age group!

Renee is also running Cross Country for her high school!  She is doing great!  Her times keep getting better! 

Jake and I at the Arlington Police, Fire and Sheriff 9-11 Memorial 5k.  Jake ran a personal best finishing in 212 out of 4212 and I cut 6 minutes off my time from last year.  We both did great!!

Jake, Me, Melanie and Stephanie (my wonderful girls I run with...they are awesome)

In the middle of August, we took a weekend trip to MA to visit
the family see Adrianna for her 1st Birthday.

At the beach in New Bedford
Kennedy and Leah getting dirty.

Chandler, Renee and Jasmine

Matthew.  This boy loves to climb.


She was a little tired from playing all day at the beach!
Jake and the newest Meriano - Ethan Henry Adam

Parents Night Out so naturally we all walk down to the street
to Paul's Sports Bar and have a blast.

...the Ladies

Sunday Breakfast at Just Ray's...

...the whole it!

Three of the four at the doctors...this is a first for me!

Had to get this shot....this is a picture of me right before they yanked out my last two wisdom teeth!  Yes, this is my best sad face :(  no bueno!

In August, Jake and I both took a weekend get-away...
Jake flew to Vegas to hang out with his long time friend Josh (his bestman in our wedding)

Jake on a very big rock ;)

Josh, Kevin and Jake enjoying some drinks at
a pool party at the Palms Casino.

Royce, Josh, Kevin and Jake

The girls and I went to Dewey Beach...we had a blast!  Me, Johnna, Mona and Jeanine!
Jeanine and I
Me, Mona and Johnna

Love you guys - Mona, we are going to miss you! 
Next summer we will have to fly to Utah for our weekend trip!