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December 2013

Decorating the Tree

Last year, we FINALLY bought a new tree with lights already on it - three pieces to connect and plug in, so easy...but now, apparently, we are having issues getting the angel on the top!

Attempt one - it was Matthews turn...angel fell off....

Attempt two - Leah puts the angel falls off again....

Attempt three - me holding Jake up so he doesn't fall on the tree and knock it over....hmmm, at what point do we just go and get a ladder???

I had to post this - this kid does this to me all the time - she is such a character...right in the middle of all our pictures, this is what I find - she is a nut!!!

Kids in front of the tree (tear, my Nae is getting so big)

This is the chaos before the good picture

My cross eyed Jasmine and I


This year, cookie day was held on Jeanine's might be her favorite day of the year...not her birthday, COOKIE DAY!!!! We look forward to baking with the family and dressing up in our holiday t's!  So much fun and kids cant get enough.....
Jeanine with her that that's out of the way.... (just kidding ;)

Cookie Time!!

Maggie making Gingerbread Cookies

Kids working on the pretzels with Hershey's Kisses / Grandma and Jeanine working on my Grandma's cookies (my fav!)

Jake doing what he does best on Cookie Day...staying out of the way...but this year he at least wore his Christmas t-shirt.

Family Shot!

ugh oh...Jake came in the kitchen...he just needed another beer ;)

Jasmine and Anthony...this was his first cookie day (he had fun ;)

too many cooks in my tiny kitchen!!!

...round two...Aaron and Renee and their no-bake cookies!  They were a lot better this year ;) we always make this mix of "stuff" and call it "reindeer bait"...well JEANINE had us convinced that we mixed it with regular chocolate...lets just say it did not look appetizing at all!  We mixed it with white chocolate in a second batch and it looked A LOT better!! 

Each year, Matthew has to take his picture on the table with his bowl and roller...he used to fit in that bowl :( 

The Masterminds of Cookie Day!!

Jasmine and Anthony's Peanut Butter melted snowman...yum!!!

Renee and her chocolate face brother!

We celebrated Christmas in MA on December 20th!  The kids love that Santa delivers ALLLL over!

 Leah opening her stocking gifts

 Alycia and Grayson

 Matthew opening his stocking

 Buddy trying to figure out why all these people are in his house!

 All the grandkids at Memere's and Pepere's house!

 All dressed up...trying to get all the babies in one shot!

 My beautiful Goddaughter!

 Sweet Adrianna...playing with Matthew's truck

 ...oh, my Grayson Grayson this face!!!

The Robitaille's decided for Christmas that we would do something all together instead of exchanging gifts.  Pepere has been wanting the family to go to see the Trans Siberian we did!!  It was an amazing evening all together!  We started with dinner at the Airport Grill in New Bedford, jumped in a limo and drove to Boston!  So wonderful to have everyone together...especially during the holidays!

 Pepere and his Princesses, escorting him into dinner

 Jake and I at the restaurant

 Me and the Girls (all dressed up)

 Memere and Pepere

 Jake, Alycia and Andrew

 The Family!

 My Big Girls

 Alycia and Chris in the Limo

 Andrew and the Limo

 Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Garden

 The Family...again


Christmas Eve is always interesting in the Finch/Robitaille household!  We used to wait until the kids went to bed, drink and then wrap all the presents for the kids...well, that just got old and annoying because I just had to much to wrap! So we decided to change it we make a bunch of finger foods, stuff our faces and then play games - this year was a "Minute to Win It" theme and we had a BLAST!!!

Jasmine teasing her short grandma...all she wanted was some salsa!!!

Stuffing our faces!! (Yes, we look forward to this!)

Jake and Renee snuggling on the couch!

First game - who can open the present the fastest with socks on both hands...yeah, you think this would be easy??? was NOT!

...we have a winner!!

Team Awesome!  Using just the straw, we got the cottonball to the other side of the carpet the quickest...that is TALENT!!

Please note...I am on all the winning teams??  For this challenge we had to hold a candy cane in our mouths, pick up another candy cane from the table, pass it to your team mates and then the last member of the team had to hang the candy cane on the tree without dropping it!  Matthew did amazing!!

This challenge was my favorite!  The videos were the best and I am still laughing when I watch them! The object was to shake out all the bells that were stuffed in a tissue box on your back.  First one to do it wins.  We had some great moves!

Kids opening their new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa

Grandpa reading "The Night Before Christmas"

Cookies, Milk and letters to Santa

Our Tree...all ready for the munchkins to attack it!

Grandpa...chillin in his spot, ready to open some presents

Grandma attacking Jasmine (paybacks)

 The men in my life, ready for Christmas Dinner!

Snuggling with my babies....all of them!!!