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5 Months Old

We have had a wonderful month, it is hard to believe that July will be coming to an end soon. Leah is growing like a weed! She is up to almost 18 lbs now. She started eating rice cereal about 3 weeks ago and is really enjoying it. We plan on starting her on veggies soon. Leah still has not figured out how to roll over, but is trying to master sitting up! She is really into the dog now and keeps her eye on him all the time. When she starts moving, Mac is going to be in trouble!
Leah was baptized on the 18th. It was a very beautiful day. Family and friends came to celebrate. The bonnet you will see Leah wearing is a gift from my mom. It is a bonnet for baptism that turns into a hanky for her wedding day. The dress that Leah is wearing is from 1909. It has been passed down in my mother’s family. We believe, my Grandmother was the first to wear it. I wore it, as well as Renee and Jasmine. After church, everyone came over for dinner.
Leah Marie
Our Parents
Leah's Godparents - Jeanine and Andrew
Jake's brother, Andrew and sister, Alycia
Leah eating her rice
Leah's first 4th of July (thank you Auntie Kathy for making her shirt!)
July 4th - the Mamas
....and the Papas
Payne Stewart and I at our company golf outing
We enjoyed a weekend at our friends lakehouse. We all had a blast!
Renee and Jasmine with Katie and Maggie.
Mama on the kneeboard
Jake on skis
Leah learning how to ski at sunset...
Shes going pro!
Renee and Jake in the Kayak
The girls at sunset