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Valentine's Day / Leah's 3rd Birthday / Williamsburg Tournament

Valentine's Day!!!  Leah was moved into a bigger class right before Valentine's Day - she had to write her name on 30 cards and seal them with a sticker.  She did a great job!! 

Jeanine, Jasmine, Leah, Matthew and I made fun treats - chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and cupcakes

Leah was all ready for school with her cards - Matthew was on his way to Grandmas in his PJ's!

Renee had a soccer tournament down in Williamsburg.  We all went down for the weekend and  had a great time...sadly, we didnt get any pictures of her actually playing soccer...whoops!!!

...but we had a great time playing at the playground!!


...and the Bounce House after the games on Saturday! 

 Im totally raising "That Guy"

Love these guys!!!

 I guess this is comfy?

Leah's 3rd Birthday Celebration at School

Jake opening juice and snacks for her class

Leah holding her snack bag

Leah's birthday dinner - she picked chicken nuggets and french fries!

Here's another one - I mean...if you are not good at writing on a cake - PLEASE hand it over to someone else at the bakery!!!  Really???

Even though I thought the writing was goofy, it didnt bother Leah one bit ;)


Matthew's first day of School

My little guy outside

He was crying...I was crying...we were a mess! 

Welcome back were truly missed!!!  Lynne, so happy to FINALLY meet you!!
Happy hour before the CAPS game..

Renee's 16th Birthday!!!

This one was a tough one for baby girl turned 16 :(  She is turning into an amazing woman right before my eyes.  For her birthday, we planned a trip to New York City.  We had a wonderful girls weekend to celebrate...and we all came back in one piece!

On her birthday, we celebrated at the house.

I am a little embarrassed about this cake!!    I was so focused on our trip and going to Carlo's  Bakery...I totally didn't think about having something on her birthday - this is what you get when you get a cake last minute...I think the guy that wrote on it was drunk??

Renee and her trusty helper...

The Family

WOW Leah!

Present Time!!!  At 16..this is the most important part - she scored an IPhone from her father and a Kindle from everything else under the sun!


...and we are off to New York City!!!  5:00am in the morning...pretty much the only people at Union Station!

The big kids seat!

See...they love each other...don't let them fool you ;)

First stop...Carlo's Bakery - Renee is a huge fan of the show!!

...can't leave without a t-shirt!

...not sure what Jasmine did to deserve this?

Statue of Liberty in the background...she was closed!

Hard Rock for Dinner

Sweet pic that we spent a million dollars on...

Birthday Girls!!  Auntie Jackie and Renee have the same birthday.

Happy Birthday!!!

Renee in Time Square

Me pretending I know what I'm doing in the Subway???

Morning run for Jeanine and I

We went to Toys R Us...Jeanine and Renee had this GREAT idea to get on the ferris wheel...

little did they know....

they would go around 100 times before they could get off...longest ride ever!!!

...finally they were released!!!  I'm pretty sure the operator forgot about them?

No explanation needed...


Breakfast at the little diner in the hotel

Empire State Building

When you have to take two cabs...its always fun to race up and down the road...especially in NY!  We won!

Dylan's Candy much candy!!!

On Saturday, we had dinner at Virgil's BBQ (Renee's pick) before The Lion King

You can dress them up...but you still can't take them out!

...good thing we got these hot wash clothes to clean up with!

Alycia and Our Godchild :)

Auntie Jackie, Alycia, Jasmine, Me, Louise, Renee, Donna and Jeanine

...after a weekend in New York and over 500 pictures...Sunday, Jeanine and I were the only ones that wanted one last shot!!  Thanks for a great weekend Ladies!!