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May 2013

As everyone knows, May is my favorite month :)

Jake and I went on a double date with Layli and Amir to a comedy show at Arlington Draft House...
Layli and I enjoyed our birthday dessert at dinner

My date for the evening

On Friday night, after the girls soccer game, we took off for MA to surprise Jake's Mom for Mother's Day!

We packed Saturday and were able to throw together a great play date with cousins!  Indoor black light mini golf!!  We might be crazy bringing seven little ones into play!  ...but it was fun!!

The whole gang!

Matthew bowling afterwards

Mother's Day

I know that I probably posted to many pictures of me opening my gifts, but they were the gifts the babies made me and I just love each of these pictures (I did not post the one of me crying after I read the back of the one Matthew gave said something about him growing up and I really didn't like that part..haha!)  They were sooo excited to give them to me!  They had been waiting alllll weekend!


After presents, we went to have breakfast at Andrew's work - so yummy!!

Waiting patiently for their food...(I think they might be related??)

Chris and Alycia

(I think she liked her surprise!!)


Memere and Pepere with ALL their grandchildren!

Renee has been in the Relay for Life Club since here Freshman year.  Each year, they raise money and walk for 24 hours in May!  This year, Grandma even volunteered and helped with set up.  Dispite the rain, the Potomac High School Relay Team had a great time...just a little wet ;)

Brian received his First Communion

For Renee's 17th Birthday, Jeanine bought her a trapeze class...finally, in May they finally got around to taking it!  It was pretty interesting!  They both did an awesome job!

Before Class

This is the ladder they had to climb to get up to the bar!  Im so bummed, I was so busy taking videos of them, I forgot to take any good pictures...whoops!!

Since I was in MA for Mother's Day, we decided to get together the following weekend.  We made a day out of it...lunch at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace and an afternoon of shopping!

On Memorial Day, I love taking the kids down to Route One to watch all the motorcycles leaving the Harley dealership heading to the Pentagon....Rolling Thunder!  This year they were so into it!  They waved almost the whole time.

On our walk to see the motorcycles, we ran into these "rollers" ...Matthew was so is my superhero with the small "roller"

...and Leah with the big "roller"

...we also stopped by the park!  Silly kids!

...the end of another PWSI season...we will miss you seniors!  Way to finish - three wins and an email from Mary Washington wanting Jasmine to come down and talk to him on campus!  Yippy!

Renee's Spring Concert...hard to believe there will only be one more of these!  Goodness Gracious...I am a mother of a Senior in High School!!!!

April 2013


Coloring Eggs! (Things went much smoother this year!!)

The Easter Bunny came...and left a trail of fur behind!

Easter Egg Hunt Teams = 1 big and 1 little!
Big carries bag while little collects eggs....

Big helps little retrieve eggs....

Big shields other little while eggs are retrieved

Other big steps in and bullys through!

...and they all still love each other in the end!

The Easter Bunny was so nice to the kids this year!  He came to our house AND to the Alve's house!! 
MJ helping Matthew find his bubbles!

Guess who is having issues finding their eggs?????

My Loves!

Brian collecting all his "orange" eggs!

The gang!  I love this picture!!

Colored deviled eggs that I made for Brian!

A wonderful brunch that MJ prepared for us all!

The boys playing basketball to burn off some calories!

Matthew dunkin!

Matthew's jump shot! 
(just kidding, Brian threw it up...but it does look like Matthew did it!)

 Took the girls to North Carolina  for a travel soccer tournament.  It was then I was introduced to the BEST dessert in the world!  If you have not visited a Sweet Frog...DONT!!   You will want to go back over and over again!!
...these girls are bad influences!

If I did not know my daughters soccer number, I would have a hard time telling which one she is?  They are like twins from the back AND they are great friends (they even colored their hair the exact same color without even knowing the other one did it)

They had this sign at the soccer complex!

On April 25th, Jake and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! On that Friday, Jake's parents came down so we could run the streets for the weekend without the kids ;) We had a wonderful dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse in Tyson's Corner. 

Our yummy dessert (who am I kidding, MY yummy dessert! ;)

On Saturday night, we went to the Bruins vs Capitals game at the Verizon Center

 I had a little surprise for Jake at the game - I had them write
"Best Five Years of My Life!  Happy Anniversary Jake!  I Love you"
on the message boards!  I was so afraid we were going to miss it...and of course, right before the third period, Jake had to go to the bathroom and thats when they displayed it!  ...but they ended up doing it a few more times after that!  I almost had a heart attack!

Jeanine was also at the game!  My favorite sister!!

We ran a 5k for Cancer Awareness in DC....Jake, of course, pushed the children ;)  My two superheros!

Love this picture!  It was a really nice course!

The kids decided to get out and sprint for the finish line!   That lasted all of about one minute until they were back in the stroller!

Jake left his PPE in the the kids decided they wanted to play dress up!