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Fourth of July

When we are in town, we love to start our day with the Dale City Fourth of July Parade.  I have been going ever since I was a little kid!
Leah being silly

Matthew waiting patiently for the parade to start

My hubby and I


We decided that we didn't want to go to the pool so we would let the babies play on the slip and slide!  Well....before you know it, the whole family was enjoying it...haha!  Who knew you could entertain people of all ages with a slip and slide??
BBQ Ribs for Dinner

Family ping pong in the garage
Time for fireworks!!  ...ok, maybe mostly sparklers!

Grayson's First Birthday

Our Goddaughter, Ms. Grayson Swift celebrated her first birthday!! She is growing up so fast AND has finally figured out how to walk!  Watch out world!!

Adrianna and Leah setting the table for family dinner

Grayson opening her gift from our family

What do you do when your babies wake up at the crack of dawn and you don't want them to wake everyone in the house???  Take them to the beach!!  ...let them collect shells - works for hours of entertainment!!!


I had a photo shoot with little Missy...she is so adorable

Birthday Party Time!!

Auntie Jackie's beautiful cake!

and cupcakes!

Uncles holding down the grill making yummy food for everyone!


If there is dirt/ son will find it!
Aunties on the swing

Adrianna going full speed

Cousins being silly

Kerri and Grayson

Miss these ladies - Kerri and Jillian

The Princess

Auntie and Matt

Leah and Kennedy

Time to get messy!

Mom and Dad with Grayson

(I love Leah's face in this picture)

 Memere and Pepere
Ballin - Pepere and Bryon

Auntie and Alycia

Family Picture!

Maggie and Grayson

Trouble x 2!