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October 2014

We started October with Jake's 31st Birthday.  Leah and Matthew made him a cake by themselves....I only read the directions, measured the oil (I was too afraid to let them do it), I put it in the oven and took it out!  They did such an awesome job.  They may have licked their fingers a few times...but hey, were family ;)

I ran another Spartan Race!  This time it was in Ohio...and the longest distance course!  It was a little over 14 miles.  While we were on the course, the sun shined, it rained, it poured, it HAILED and the wind was rippin!  I think the temperature  was like 37 degrees.    It was a good course and we had a good time..until right at the end when we couldn't feel our fingers and had to try and change out of our wet was a struggle!  But damn it felt good to finish!!

The following weekend, we had Parents Weekend at Penn State!  We had a great day hanging out with Nae!  We rented this cute little cabin and hung out, saw the sites, a girls volleyball game, learned about physics from superheros, ate some pizza, grabbed breakfast at the local waffle joint, watched the Michigan/Penn State game on TV, went to a Fall Festival on campus and enjoyed some family time!   ...minus Jasmine...she had SAT's :(

They held a Fall Festival in the new development behind our community (Potomac Shores).  We dressed up the kids and brought them down to have some fun!  They had their faces painted, ate lunch...and cotton candy (of course!) They played with the animals at the petting zoo and carnival games.  Leah even won 3rd place in the costume contest :)

That evening was Homecoming for Jasmine!  She stopped by before she went to the dance and we snapped a few pictures.  None of them really came out good :(  I hate the lighting in the kitchen!!  She was beautiful!!!  (as always!)

Three generations...shortest to tallest (with heals)...haha!

I love catching these guys snuggling on the them all!!

Jasmine's Senior Night for Varsity Volleyball at Potomac!  It was so awesome to have everyone come out and celebrate her.  Memere and Pepere came all the way from MA to spend the weekend with us and watch her last home game :(  She was very surprised with our awesome signs and cheer squad...HA!

 More couch snugglin....I know they are not the greatest quality...but I love them!
Cox Farm!!!  We had the whole family...except for Renee :(  We had a wonderful visit again this year.  Lots of family fun!!  The kids were at a perfect age to really play on their own and enjoy their surroundings.  So much Fall fun!!!

FINALLY....the kids have only been asking "how many days until Halloween" for the last three weeks!!!"  It was time to put on the costumes and hit the streets!!!  My American Dream and Blue Ninja!  ha-ya!

Random Saturday picture at the library, picking up the new supply of Junie B Jones!!

Jake and I went to a Halloween Party on the Saturday after Halloween!  We had so much fun!  Everyone was dressed up and really into it!   ...Jake might have froze, but it was a good time ;)