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OH December - We love December!!

Our Family loves December!  So many traditions, so much family, so much love!  We are truly blessed!

This year, we finally got a new with lights!!  YAY!  Between the four of us, we finally figured out how to put it together!

Matthew helped by managing the bubble wrap!

Renee is the only one that could help me strategically open all the branches!

...and Matthew again just looking as cute as can be!

Leah helping with the ornaments

We had a ton at the now we had to fill in the top

...and we are DONE!  so pretty!

I entered a lottery for tickets to the National Christmas Tree Lighting and we got standing room only tickets...all these years I have lived here and we have never gone!  This was Leah's first experience on the Metro...but even better....the escalator!!  We went up and down it three times before we got on the train...she was so excited!!

...down we go!   ...again

Jasmine and Leah on the Metro!  I think they look so much alike in this picture!

Renee and I

...and Jake - we could only get five tickets, so we had to leave Matthew at my parents :(

Standing in the longest line - EVER

The girls in front of the White House

Once we got in the gates, I overheard them saying their were extra seats...I gathered the family and snagged some great seats!  They had the Navy Band playing and lots of musicians singing Christmas was a nice evening!

Once the sun went down it started to get realllly cold

The First Family lighting the tree...

The Tree all lit up (it was a better picture to take it on the jumbo screen)

Mr. President

This is him in the lower right was pretty cool!

Jeanine just moved into a new place with Jason - I was able to come by on her birthday and deliver some of her presents!!  Happy Birthday old lady!

We are so classy - cake pops from Starbucks!  No need to have extras ;)

Jake and I at our company holiday party..we had a great evening out

Renee's winter concert at Potomac High

If you look closely, you can even see Renee  - first row, dead center...

Sunday was our annual "Cookie Day"!!!  Jeanine started the morning off with a great breakfast and Grandma handed out stickers and socks!

Leah rockin her socks :)

...this kitchen is about to get destroyed!!

Melanie had her work cut out for her - managing three toddlers with two colors of chocolate and lots of sprinkles and pretzels!

Jeanine picking on Renee...or picking her nose..Im not sure whats happening..

down and dirty!

Leah stealing pretzels

Leah learning the ropes

busy table!

Me and my little man

best place to play...under the table!

Jeanine was the lone soldier at the end...

Me and Melanie

Jeanine and the girls

Jeanine and Leah

On Matthew's first "Cookie Day" we put him in that bowl...we tried to do it again and he was not having it!  So he put it on his head!

But Leah had no problem sitting in it!  ...and even blessed us with her crazy face!
Leah with the bowl on her head!

Renee and Aaron making what were suppose to be cookies????  Not really sure what  happened to them???

The kids making their own "cookies"
Photo Bomb!!!

**Note - please notice there is one family member that is not present in any of these pictures!  That would be Jake, he stays far, far away from "Cookie Day" can find him in the living room relaxing from the madness in the kitchen ;)**

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to make lots of fun appetizers and stuff our faces!  All the cooks in the kitchen!

Renee sneaking a bite!

Our spread of goodies...

Relaxing after dinner

Getting ready for Santa - Matthew helps Jasmine put the reinderr bait on the tray...Leah is gathering cookies!

Jasmine helps Matthew write his letter to Santa...he wants a Buzz Lightyear Doll

Renee helps Leah write hers...she wants a Dora Dollhouse

Letters to Santa and lots of goodies for Santa and his Reindeer! (Minus a drink...whoops!)

The Night Before by Grandpa!

 Christmas Morning

Ready for the kids!

We wake the kids up and make them brush their teeth, wash their face and do exercises before they can they can go downstairs and open their presents....

Im pretty sure Renee and Jasmine are over my antics....

OH WELL!  ...Im the mom :)  ...and its fun to torture them ;)

Situps and pushups...

family fun...

Mom is done being its time for PRESENTS!!

Jake got a Patriots crock pot to make his "award winning" chili - Thanks Clay and Louise!

My awesome bag to carry the kids around in...just kidding, but its big enough to!

Jeanine is ready for Matthe and Leah to join the roller derby!

Knee pads and all - thanks Aunt Neaner!

...who got an Ipad mini???

who got a Dora Dollhouse?

...who has to share a Jeep!!!! (thanks Brian and MJ!)

Grandma got "Stompees" for all the kids!  Thanks Grandma!

...Renee is the one who really, really wanted them - hers are super cute!

Taking the Jeep out for a spin! They love it!!

Christmas with the Robitaille's from MA

A few days after Christmas, Memere, Pepere, Alycia, Chris and Grayson came to visit!  I love having them nice to be together during the holidays!

Leah, Matthew and Grayson playing with the dollhouse

Pepere with his new snowplower...PERFECT TIMING with the two feet of snow that just fell on Fairhaven!

Memere and her new workout gear!

Renee in her new Brady Jersey!!

Matthew rocking out with his new guitar and microphone from the Alve's Family!  He loves it!!


All the family...except the sleeping babies

The girls and Grayson

Alycia and Grayson..shes eating baby food now!!

Nap time for the princess!

Christmas dinner with the Robitailles

My little nugget!

...someone is jealous!!

So we attempted, thinking the Jake and the Pirates undies that Memere got him would be incentive enough...but hes still not potty day...

Snuggle time

Matthew got two remote control cars from his two wonderful aunts...who do you think is playing with them???  His dad and uncle Chris! was pretty entertaining!

It was time for her to leave...until next time little Ms. Grayson...I will miss you!