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3 Months Old

I am back to work and things are going well. I miss Leah during the day and can't wait to get home and see her. She is into her routine...up at 5:00am, dad takes her to Grandma's and Papa's and she gets spoiled all day and I pick her up around 5:00pm. She generally will stay up until 8:00pm, but every now and then she will have an earlier night. She is about 12 lbs now and is starting to wear little dresses with the nice weather. They are much nicer then the sleepers that she has been wearing because she has been to small to fit anything else!! She even fits her Red Sox outfit!!!! Everyone is doing well: Jake is playing flag football and softball. I'm back in the gym again enjoying my classes. Renee and Jasmine are well into their travel soccer seasons. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy...we have had so much rain, we have lots of games to make up! On April 25th, Jake and I celebrated our First Anniversary. Grandpa watched Leah while we went out for a nice dinner at Filamena's in Georgetown. The food was delicious and the weather was wonderful. Afterwards, we snuck in a few games of bowling before picking up Leah...I looked awesome in my strapless dress and bowling shoes....we had a great time :) We were lucky to have a visit from Memere at the beginning of the month. Her flight arrived just in time for our company picnic. Jake and I played in the volleyball tournament as Jasmine tried to win every prize there was for the kids games! The weather held up for a nice day of fun. Renee was not able to make the picnic, she went with her middle school orchestra to Busch Gardens. The orchestra was hand picked to play down there in front of judges and her school took 1st place!!! Only one mishap for the day...all the kids got caught in the rain and they had to drive back 3 hours in soaked clothes...poor kids! This last weekend was Mother's Day and My Birthday. The family took great care of me (as always!) Everyone got together at our house for dinner and celebration. Jeanine did a great job with her annual gift...I love my potted flowers and plant! Without Jeanine, the deck would be so dull ;) we just have to keep them alive! Thank you everyone for the thoughtful cards and gifts. On Friday, May 15th, Jeanine graduated from George Mason! I made t-shirts for everyone to wear to her ceremony...each had a message to Jeanine on the back and a picture of her on the front with their school mascot! We had a good time and finished off the day with a nice dinner at DAKS Grill! Also, CONGRATS to Alycia, Jake's sister....she graduated from the Community College of Rhode Island as a Respiratory Therapist! We are so proud of them both!
Leah in her ladybug dress that Memere got her
Leah at Kaps for Kids..she was ready for her walk!! The Family at Kaps for Kids
Our First Anniversary (Mom..your picture is not straight!)
Leah sleeping at our company picnic
Jake and I playing volleyball at our company picnic! Could you guess that the Celtics were playing that night??
Happy Birthday to me...and Happy Mother's day
My Ladies
Leah and Jake watching her first Red Sox game
Game was pretty intense!
Jeanine and Alycia! Congrats Ladies (this month was very expensive for Jake and I)
Papa and Leah at George Mason
Jasmine, Leah, Jeanine and Renee at DAKS
The Family at DAKS
The back of our shirts
The back of Mom and Dads shirt