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Leah is a Month Old!!!!

Wow...this month has flown by!!! Leah is doing great! She is sleeping really well. We are still working on feeding, but we will get there ;) She is really alert when she is awake and makes the greatest faces. She is always making us laugh! We have been so busy. We have had lots of visitors, which is great for my sanity..haha! Kim came to stay with us during her Spring Break from school...she fed us well and kept me company! She was great to have!! Thank you Kim!!! Jasmine won third place in the Science Fair for her project on Candles...just so you know, Yankee Candles burn the longest, so they are well worth the money you spend ;) Renee had a soccer tournament this last weekend (in the rain) and took second place. We are so proud of them! Leah took her first road trip to Charlotte NC. Jake had to go for business, so we tagged along. She was great in the car. We had to build her up for her first trip to Massachusetts in April! Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!!!
Her First St. Patty's Day
I couldn't help myself (This is Jazzy's favorite) Where's Leah?? Her Month Old Photos