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7 Months Old!

Summer is over...its back to the grind! The girls are back in school, track, soccer, tutoring, religious education, violin, cello and every thing else that they are into!!! We are off to a great start, we haven't missed anything yet ;) Leah is growing and growing. She is officially rolling over!!! and she just cut her first tooth. She has handled it fairly well..she can get a bit cranky every now and then, but she is surviving :) Its been a busy month and Leah has had many "firsts" is what we have been up to....
Leah Marie - 7 Months!
Leah's First Red Sox Game in Baltimore
My ladies and I
Daddy and Leah watching the game
Everyone Before the Game
(Jake's parents, Alycia and Chris came down for the weekend)
Uncle Chris and Leah at Dinner
The Fam!
The Crazy Patriot Cheerleader
(She watched her first game with daddy and cheered them to victory)
Leah Playing
Best Bib Ever!
Jake and Leah
Leah's First Big Girl Bath!
She Loves To Splash!
Renee and Jasmine's First Day Back to School
Renee is in 8th Grade and Jasmine is in 7th Grade
(not that it was given away by how many fingers they are holding up!!!!)
Opening Tournament for Fall Season
(Jasmine put this shot in the net)
Jasmine Before an Early Morning Game
Renee at one of her tournament games
The girls and I tubing on the Shenandoah River / Potomac River
Jasmine and I
Jake and I are playing on a Flag Football Team for our work, this was our first game....Jake throws the touchdown pass......
....and Jen catches it! YAY! Hopefully we will have many more of these plays!!!
(Maybe I can figure out how not to look like such a "girl" when I catch it?)