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More Birthday Pictures....

I forgot I had these - These are the pictures from her party at Grandmas and Grandpas!
All of Leah's friends!

Happy Birthday Renee and Leah!

Its been two crazy months! Renee turned 14 on January 30th, she went to the movies with her friends and hung out at the mall (during a huge snow storm!) That Sunday we had a family dinner at the house...of course her favorite was served, RIBS! Leah had three birthday parties to celebrate her first in MA, one at my parents with all their friends in their complex and one at the house. Everyone had a great time! She is finally walking, she took her first official steps on January 19th...but really didnt start walking until around her first birthday. Now she is all over the place and in to everything. You can not turn your head for a second! She is the best little girl...she really knows how to keep a smile on your face ;) As far as the pregnancy, I am 19 weeks and feeling great! We go back to the Doctors on March 22nd to have an ultrasound done and to hopefully find out the sex!!!! We are very excited! Enjoy the pics!
Renee and I at the mall on her birthday
Renee's cupcakes! Renee's Ribs! Jake did a great job cooking them! Yummy!!
Leah likes to put herself in Mac's cage...Mac doesn't like it so much!
Jasmine and I in the never ending snow
A picture from the Deck
Jasmine coming in from the snow...her hair is frozen!
This is what happens when you leave Jasmine and Leah alone to eat cantaloupe!!
Leah's cake at Memere's and Pepere's - Thank you Auntie Alycia!!!
Memere and Pepere
Leah digging in!
This is out of order, but this is Leah and Xavier at HIS birthday party, I love this picture! They are so cute!
Leah and Jeanine
Her Cake
..another cake for Leah
My Ladies!
Have you ever tried to take a picture of three one year olds sitting still? Doesn't Work!
We are out to dinner at Outback and Leah decides she was going to pick up her plate and Lick it! ...I guess it was better then throwing it on the floor?
The Girls and I took Leah for her first haircut...this is before....
She was such a good girl
...and after, it doesnt look much different, but her bangs were out of her face and the back looked much better!