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Matthews First Month!

Finally, we have our blue eyed, baby boy! Matthew is the best little man that we could ask for, he is such a blessing. Leah is a great big sister, she is constantly rubbing his head and giving him kisses. His delivery went very well and my recovery was much better then with Leah. Jake and the girls took great care of me.

This month has gone by very fast. It has been so nice to be home with Renee and Jasmine this summer. They really have been a big help! We took a trip to MA so everyone could meet Matthew! It was a fun trip, the girls had a great time going to the water park and the beach.

Thank you everyone for your cards, gifts and meals...we really appreciate all your love and support.

Here are some pictures from August!

Matthew's trip home from the hospital
Matthew's first week home...he was so little Leah checking out Matthews ear Awe...she loves him
Thank you Memere! She finished off Matthew's room with a valance,
bumper pad and bed skirt...they look great...I love the little baseballs holding on the bumper pad! She made them all!!!
Jasmine and Leah with extra material from Matthew's receiving blankets. Thats my Jasmine, always being creative!
Matthew and Leah
Memere, Pepere, Leah and Matthew! Thank you Pepere for cooking for us when we got home from the hospital!! It always makes recovery so much better ;)
Leah and Matthew in their "big sister" and "little brother" shirts! Thank you Auntie Kathy!
so peaceful
hes so skinny and long!
Mommy bugging me taking pictures at two weeks
Renee's treat for getting straight A's her 8th grade year. (it will be cut out before school starts:)
Leah at the playground...she was hanging from the bar!!!
Leah at the wooden park
Matthew's first bath
Our two boys...Matthew and Mcgyver
So the first day that we brought Matthew home, Leah decided to climb out of her she climbs on everything...we might even have to move Mac's cage now...she is a climbing machine!!!
Our first night away from the kids...Jake and I went to a wedding down at Virginia Tech, we had a great time!
The kids made these shirts for Grandma and Grandpa! Their birthdays and Anniversary are in August.
They loved them!
The Models!
Their cake after dinner
Matthew in his hat that Mrs. Albanese made...I love it! Thank you!!!
For Jasmine's Birthday and Renee's graduation, Jeanine bought them tickets to Go Ape which is an outdoor ropes course..they had a blast! It was a fun day for them!! This is Jasmine risking her life ;)
Jasmine on the zip line
Renee on the ropes...acting like a monkey
They even made their own shirts..there was a news crew from NBC there doing a story on the place...they may be on the news in September!
I think this may be the only thing Jasmine has EVER read completely and made sure she understood...hehe!!
The demolition derby at the county fair...always my favorite!!! (yes pepere, I know, Im a redneck...Im ok with that ;)
The family at the derby
Leah and Jeanine
Leah on her first carnival ride
Jasmine with the miniture horses
Renee and Jasmine
Proud Brothers, Proud Fathers! Jake with Adrianna and Andrew with Matthew
Kim with Matthew and me with Adrianna, she is so precious!
The family at the Zoo in New Bedford
Kennedy trying to teach Leah how to milk a was the best! Leah was not quite getting it!
There was a misting sprinkler at the zoo for the kids to run through...Leah just stood under it...she was having so much fun! ...but she was soaked!
Uncle Chris and Auntie Alycia with their new niece and nephew
Daddy and Matthew taking a little nap at the water park
Renee, Jasmine, Dillon and Chandler ...they had lots of fun at the water park!
Matthew at the water park...hanging out in the shade
Chandler and Jasmine playing in the wave pool
Renee and Leah going down the slide
Leah going down the slide by herself, she kept going down and getting back in line over and over again.
The next day, we went to the beach in Onset, MA.
The girls in the water
The beach is exhausting! Everyone relaxing when we got home
Adrianna and Matthew
Jake and I at my first Red Sox game at Fenway! The game ended in the 11th inning with a walk- off homerun! It was awesome!
The Robitaille family is growing...
The newest additions!
Grand Memere with Matthew and Auntie Denise with Adrianna