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Spring is coming!!!

Warm weather is right around the corner and can not get here soon enough!!! We are all ready for it!! We just finished indoor soccer, both Renee and Jasmine's teams took first place for the season...their teams did an awesome job! Jasmine has try outs for her middle school soccer team next week. Renee just started her season for high school, she made the Varsity team as a Freshman (yay!!) They had their first game the other night, she played the whole game!! They both will play for school and travel...bring on the craziness!! Here is what we have been up too!! Hope everyone is doing well....

Sunday was beautiful in VA...we took a family trip to the park

The girls hanging from the bars (oh no...look to the left, I wonder whos shadow that is??)


...the smallest family members on the swings (im pretty sure the dog hates us ;)

Crazy Jaz!

...pull Leah, pull!!!
My first 8k - in DC down Pennsylvania Ave!
A before picture..the after pictures have been burned ;)

Each year, the girls go with their orchestras to an event called "Festival"! At festival, they play for 3 judges and are evaluated in many different areas. Both Renee and Jasmines (who are now at two different schools with two different teachers) orchestras received a Superior rating (which is a "I", the highest rating you can receive) Good Job Ladies!!! This picture is Jasmine's 8th grade orchestra (she plays cello on the right)

Renee's High School Orchestra (she plays violin on the left and is no where to be found in this picture....I have the hardest time taking pictures in the auditorium..they never come out good!)

Our little man is out world!

Did I mention how cute he is??

Renee finished up track season - she received her Varsity Letter at the end of the season ceremony. These are her coaches (his jacket didnt like my flash!)

Our little Leah started day care at the beginning of March. She was not a happy camper at first...but finally she is starting to enjoy it. She still cries a little in the morning, but she quickly snaps out of it! She is attending a day care center that my best friend is the
Director at! We love you Mrs. Jamie!!

Leah sneaking Jasmine's amazes me how she knows how to work it!

Jake and Brian at the CAP's hockey game! We got out a few weekends ago and attended an outing for work - it was lots of fun! We went to happy hour and attended the game afterwards!

A picture with our coworkers!