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April 2011

Jake and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary at Sweetwater Tavern (this would be the same place that we had our first date :) LOVE YOU!!!

Matthew got a golf set from Grandma! We will see how well this goes over!!

The girls had one request for Easter....JELLY BEANS! They received plenty in their new water bottles and even more from Grandma!

Leah had the best time on her Easter egg hunt. She could not believe that she was finding the eggs all over the yard. She was so excited!!!

Matthew was just a spectator this year there will be war!!!

Her Elmo basket was overflowing with eggs!!!

There were a few "cash" filled eggs as an incentive for Renee and Jasmine to help Leah find them all!!!

So much for Matthews Easter outfit - his original outfit has long sleeves and good when its like 85 degrees outside!

She hates me...all I wanted to do was take a quick picture ;) She is such a 2 year old!!


Leah at her first Easter Party in school. She made these ears before the cute!!

Her Classroom and the 2 year olds

We also decided Easter weekend it would be a good idea to pull up all of the bushes in the front of the house....ugh!! 3 bushes later we have a huge mudpit in the front of the house and we are not sure what to do with it??? Any Landscaping advice is welcome!!!

...our helper

....lovin life...sitting back watching! Every time I touched the bushes, Matthew would cry!! Jake had to work for a while and then sit with him and then I would work for a while and he would keep Matthew calm...I dont know why he was getting so upset!!

...last one to come out...I will post the outcome when we are done!

What would you have done if you turned around and saw this??? They always tell you to cut the cords (which they are) but our child decides to put herself THRU the whole blind (and smiles about it)!!!! Only Leah!!

Matthew can walk behind this thing pretty good now. He is moving so always have to keep your eye on him.

Matthew and Leah love to look out the window and watch the cars go by...

Leah in deep thought...I dont remember what she was looking at?


My girls at Chick-fil-A! I know, random picture...but they looked so cute all stuffed in one side off a four top table :) Our family has officially outgrown a small table!

Stephanie and I after we officially completed the Cherry Blossom 10 MILE Run!! Best feeling in the world!! Im officially ready for my Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in June!!

Jake and I

Matthew and Jake after Jasmine's last game. When I got to the fields in the morning, they were COVERED in snow....I guess thats why its called the Icebreaker Tournament! Poor Matthew (and the rest of us) frooze our buns off!! (Note the little guy has no gloves on..its hard to keep gloves on someone who sucks his thumb!!!)

Red Cheeks!

This was so cute - Leah went and sat with Jasmine's team as they received their medals! Her team took second place in the tournament. Renee's team lost in the semi-finals!