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April and May 2012

We have been busy with Soccer over the past couple of months so we have a lot of catching up to do.  Here is how our April and May went. 

Happy Mothers Day to me!!  As always, they treated me like a queen :)
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts!!

Emily and Chad's Wedding Shower!  It was so nice to see everyone!  Can't wait until the wedding this summer in Michigan.

Abbie and Aunt Robin

Uncle Pat and Jake

The bride and groom!!  Love them!!

Did I ever mention how May is my favorite month??  Happy Birthday to me!!  This was a great card that Jake got for me...hes the best :)  In that bag was tickets to see the Zac Brown excited!!

My cake!

My Girls

So this is what happens when you tell your two year old little boy that he can not have any more juice!  ...apparently he didnt like that answer?  Thrown cup = broken dinner plate!  I guess he had a bad day at school?

National Honor Society induction ceremony - so proud of Renee

A big "thank you" to Melanie for watching the babies for us so we could enjoy the ceremony!!

The first weekend in May, Matthew and I flew up to MA for Alycia's baby shower.  This was Matthew's first time on a plane...he LOVED it.  He was so cute watching the planes out the window at the airport.  He sat on my lap for the whole flight and kept looking out the window.  He was sooo happy!

Dinner with my favorite ladies in MA!  Thank you for my little birthday dessert - Yum!

Ethan, Matthew and I - love these little guys!

HA!  The pose was so fitting for the environment

I always enjoy taking pictures of this wonderful couple!

I cant wait to meet our first Godchild in June.  So happy for Chris and Alycia!!

On April 25th, Jake and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.  We went to a great little restaurant in Woodbridge - Bistro L'Hermitage - the meal and service could not have been any better!  Good pick honey!  I love you!

We will totally be visiting again - worth every penny!

Potomac Girls Varsity Soccer Team

Jasmine is in navy - she just headed the ball (almost center of picture)

Renee  - fighting for the ball

I have to get better at taking action shots - I was fine until the sun started to go down!  I need to take some lessons from Jeanine!  On their high school team - Renee is #4 and Jasmine is #14.  Next year (keeping my fingers crossed) they both will play on the same travel team!! 

 The last weekend of April, Memere and Pepere came for a visit.  We had a great time! 

Someone really enjoyed their meal at Macaroni Grill!!

On Saturday, we went to the National Zoo

The Robitaille men!!

Watching the giant tortoises took a while but was awesome.

Renee found a new friend!

If it was up to Leah we would have never left the reptile exhibit.

This snake and the lizard below were all about Leah! 

4 Monkeys

The family gathers around Jake for a picture.

Leah loves Simba and Nala.
The Alve's Family came over for dinner ...

...and to watch the girls soccer game

...and came back after for dessert!  We love our family gatherings. Thank you guys for coming :)
Brian and Matthew look sooo much alike (to me)

..always a good time!
Leah and Matthew opening there Easter gifts from Memere and Pepere

Space Shuttle Discovery (not a very good picture from my office window...but still cool to see - near left center of picture!)  It circled around DC and landed at Dulles Airport.  Jake actually had a flight out of Dulles that afternoon and was able to see it there as well!  It is now retired and has been placed in an Air and Space Museum near Dulles. 

Matthew and Leah watching Renee play soccer

At the park before the game in Maryland

Batman needed a haircut.

First warm day of the season ;)

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to color eggs with a 2 year old and 3 year old????  They actually did very well - Leah didn't even get sick after eating a color dye tablet!  ;)

Easter Morning - the Easter Bunny left some of its fur when he came to the house!

...and he left some Dora gardening gloves too!!

Time for the egg hunt

With some help from Macgyver, Matthew was able to get just as many eggs as Leah

My beautiful baby girl, I love her dress!!

Dinner prepared by my wonderful husband - so yummy!

The kiddies with their goodies

Love these ladies!!!

Our wonderful family!