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Smith Mountain Lake

What a wonderful weekend get away!  By this time in the summer we had let everyone know that our plan was to move to Massachusetts when Renee and Jasmine returned to school.  It was a tough decision but something that Jake and I had discussed over the last ten years.  Leaving our family, friends and our careers (which was like our family) was really, really hard, but we did it!  Jake started looking for work and with a TON of family support in MA and in VA, we were able to do it....hoping we would swim...and not sink!! We didn't have a home, we didn't know where the kids would go to school, I wouldn't have any income after a few months of working remotely, it was scary!! But as I type this post (clearly a few months behind), WE DID IT!!  Jake loves his job, Leah and Matthew were able to start school on the first day in the school they would be attending, we found a home, I have been doing odd jobs to keep money coming is good!  With a little positive thinking and hard work...dreams can come true!!

Any who!  Before we left, one of our many wonderful bosses, invited us down to his lake house.  We had a great time.  The kids played in the water...once they overcame their fear, they played foosball, caught fish, went on the boat, took a ride on the stand up paddleboards and laughed a lot!  Thank you Dave and Jean, we REALLY had a wonderful time, we will truly miss you!! (the Friday that we arrived, I was trying to submit paperwork for our home loan over the phone, while drinking a beer and wanting to loose my mind...we didn't end up getting that home, which was a blessing, but was a little annoying at the time!  everything happens for a reason!!)

Trip to California - July 2015

Ohhhh....where do I begin???  In February, Jeanine and my mom started to plan a trip to California to see her brothers.  I told them that I was not going to go because I couldn't leave my family for a week and run away to the West Coast!  The more I thought about it and thought about it, I discussed it with Jake and ended up buying a plane ticket in April.  I told my Uncle and we decided to keep it a surprise for both Jeanine and my mom.  Let me tell you...THIS IS NOT EASY TO DO FOR THREE MONTHS!!!  Especially when they are constantly giving me shit about not going!  I will say the look on their face, which of course I have on video, when I arrived at the airport, was worth keeping it a surprise!!!  and so it began..... #wanderingwithweezie

after the big surprise at Dulles International Airport
Weezie taking the moving walkway and still cant keep up with us
We arrived in LA and had dinner with Uncle Alan and Uncle Frank
Jeanine and I always seem to have the brightest ideas..."hey, lets go for a hike in the desert...I know its July, but I think its only a few miles?"  Sweating our rears off and doubling the mileage....well, you know, story of my life!  ...But hey, it was fun....

pie break at the end of the hike...
Frank's Birthday dinner that evening at Uncle Howie's house in Pasadena...

My mom with her brothers (Uncle Alan & Uncle Howie)

Phantom of the Opera at Pantages - AWESOME!!

On the last day of my trip (Mom and Jeanine stayed a few days longer, I had to get back for July 4th...Leah was going to be in the parade!!)  we planned to go to Palm Springs.  Thirty-Nine years ago, I was born in Palm Springs and I have NEVER gone back!!  I was really looking forward to going...despite the 110 degree weather (who things its a good idea to live in a place like this?? ...I was freaking skin on fire hot!!!)

Our first stop, Palm Springs Tramway.  Very cool experience, this tram car takes you all the way up this mountain and you can see Palm Springs, which from up there seems like the smallest place ever!

After that, we went to the hospital where I was born.  That is my mom and I reenacting a picture from her walking in the hospital pregnant with me.  The place had been remodeled since the last time we were there...HA!

Next Stop...the church that my mom and dad were married in AND I was baptized in.  While we were there, my sister and I decided to give my mom a special treat!  We had purchased 3 anchor bracelets for us all to wear...symbolizing that we are each other's "anchor"...of course, she!  but it was very special to all of us!  Then we bolted to the car because our skin was being burned!

Next stop...Desert Memorial Park!  Both of my mothers parents are buried there.  In the company of other people you may know like Sonny Bono and Frank Sinatra.

Afterwards, we did a drive by of her parents home and a few places that her and my dad used to live.  She still knows all the addresses after all this time...its crazy!!!

....and of course, on the way out, we had to stop by and see these monsters, very cool for pictures, but not much else going on around these!

Just a picture of the outside temp. gauge...this was like 7 o'clock at night!!  So freaking hot!!!
Last picture before I hit the road!!!  It was so fun to catch up with my Uncles and see the family!  Hopefully, we will be able to head back there soon!!