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Grayson's Baptism

After Leah's Princess Party, Jake and I rushed to BWI to fly up to Providence.  On Sunday, Feburaary 17th our little Ms. Grayson Swift was baptized!
We took pictures of Chris and Alycia dressing Matthew for his Baptism and they made it look so easy!  Apparently it takes five of us to get grayson dressed - ha!

Poor baby - I love the look on her face... me!!!  what are they doing to me...but she never cried once ;)

Finally - we succeed!  Shes all dressed!

Grayson with her Grandma and Memere

Auntie Jackie made a wonderful cake always

The princess in her party dress

Andrew, Jake and Alycia

Jake and Alycia making fun of Andrew's "lean"  (see all Jake and Jen's wedding pictures for details...see Chris and Alycia's wedding pictures for him over compensating so he wasnt made fun of again!)

The Bro's

Chris and Grayson

Memere and Pepere

Jake and I with our beautiful God Daughter!

Leah's Princess Birthday

Our little princess turned four and all she wanted was a princess party!  ...and a princess party is what she got on Saturday, February 16th!

She wanted to dress up as a princess so she finally decided to dress up as Belle.  Jasmine spent allll morning getting her ready for the grand event.  She painted her fingers and toes gold and curled her long locks.

The girls and I decorated the kitchen and the living room

for the party, Jasmine applied glitter tattoos to all the children (which was a big hit) ...even grandpa left with one on his head!

 Kayla and Renee dressed up as princesses and helped the kids make wands and tiaras..with Aaron's help, of course.

Jeanine and Jason - Jason worked crowd control from the couch

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts!

Group shot!  Everyone dressed up as different characters

Leah's's Cake - after Jeanine and her jammed into the side of it ;)

The princess

All three of my princesses

Melanie managing the cake table

Leah and her daycare friends

Princess Lily (Jackson's sister)

The one shot with mom and dad

On her actual birthday, Jake, Renee, Jasmine and I went up to the school and gave out snacks and drinks to celebrate at her center

January 2013

Snuggling with mom on the recliner

Crafty fun before bed - Leah and Matthew made daddy hearts

Our little guy moved into a toddler bed!  No more cribs in the Robitaille house!

Renee's 17th Birthday!!

Renee's Birthday Dinner

Chicken Parmesan

Jeanine reading a sweet poem to Renee...that she gave to Renee many, many years ago!

Renee's cake this year was five slices of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!

side, being the person who just gets something stuck in her head and just goes with it, decides it would be fun to get Renee slices of cheesecake, because she loves it, for her birthday.  I go to Cheesecake Factory and just start rambling off slices of cheesecake that I want (thought a variety would be good).  $45.00 later...I have 5 slices of cheesecake!!  HOLY WOW!  I had no idea the slices were sooo expensive! time I will just buy all one flavor from might save me a few bucks!

Renee and Aaron