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September 2014

 She was at the Blue Paw table (just like Renee ;)

 Kindergarten Orientation at Swans Creek!  Leah's First year at school.  She wasn't really nervous at all and fit right in.  It was an evening event for an hour or so for them to meet their teachers and see what they were going to be learning.  We got a big surprise when we arrived, they ended up downsizing the amount of classes and she ended up being in class with her friend Chloe.  I was a little nervous about them being in the same class, but it has worked out great!! 

 Jeanine and I had to take Jasmine down to ODU for a soccer camp.  While Jasmine was in training, we went for a run/walk in a park we found. 

 Renee all dressed up for her first job at Penn State.  She is working in the Commons in the Food Service Department.  It works out great for her because they work around her class schedule.  

 One last day of fun before school started!  We had a clam boil (and crabs) at the Alve's!  As always, we had great food...and great company!

Jasmine is officially a SENIOR ....and Leah is officially a KINDERGARTENER!

 I dropped Leah off at day care and made her take the she could get used to her routine.  I drove to the elementary school and waited for her to arrive.  This is her white bus coming around the corner!

 She arrived safely at last shot of her book bag (which is very important in kindergarten ;)

 Sitting in her chair at her table showing off her name tag (which she had to wear the first week of school)

 Her Classroom

 She survived!!!  I picked her up from day care and she had to show off her crown she made...and of course the book bag again!

Holy Family Catholic Church has a Festival each year...we have not been able to make it for a few years due to conflicts, but I was excited to take the kids. They had a great time playing carnival games and winning!  They played a variety of things but were really good at the bow and arrow...I was really surprised!  Matthew nailed all three of his shots!

 Each year, I try to participate in the 9-11 Memorial Run in Arlington.  I really love this race!  It never gets easier and I end up crying each year!  The atmosphere and the racers really are their to pay tribute to the survivors and the victims of 9-11! 
 Balfour Beatty Team!

 Jeanine and I before the race...

 Jeanine and I after the 100 degree race!  Oh man, it was HOT!!!

We took mom to an Italian Festival in Maryland!  It was a great time and we could not have asked for better weather.  We set up our chairs, drank beer and wine and stuffed our faces with great pizza and desserts!  What more can you ask for??  We met Johnna and Jim up there and just relaxed and enjoyed the music!

Penn State vs. UMass!  Our first Penn State Football game!  We got up there early to meet up with some coworkers and Renee.  We found an awesome spot and grilled lots of food! (why do I feel like a lot of my posts revolve around FOOD...HA!)
 Jake and one of his PE's...Jake is reminiscing on college life ;)


August 2014

Monster Trucks at the Prince William County Fair!!!   We decided to stand up on the other side of the track so we could see good! ...we were having a great time until the wasps decided we were a little to close to their nest in the fence!


It was a rough week for our family :(....

Monday, August 18th - Dad's Birthday / Mom and Dad's Anniversary
Tuesday, August 19th - Matt's Birthday
Wednesday, August 20th - Mom's Birthday
Thursday, August 21st - Took Renee to Penn State to move into college
Friday, August 22nd - Drove down to Wintergreen for the toughest run of my life (for the second time!!) ...BUT FIRST, I  scheduled a 90 minute massage...oh yeah!!  (maybe I should have waited until after the 8 1/2 mile mountain race!!!)

Jeanine and I took "Weezie" out to dinner ...and some wine and then we celebrated with hand made cupcakes back at the house....and a chocolate cake to celebrate their Anniversary ;)  In honor of my father, we also let balloons go with messages to Matt and Grandpa!

The big day finally arrived!  It was time to drop off Renee at Penn State!  I have been dreading this day for four years...I knew it would come quick...but geez!  I was not ready...but it went well, we got her all unpacked and settled, made one last trip to the store to pick up a few things, said our goodbyes and left.  I DIDN'T EVEN CRY ONCE!  


 Wintergreen Spartan Super - the toughest Spartan race they host!!  Last year, this race killed me, I swore I would never do it again and I had nothing to prove to this course.....until registration opened for 2014 and apparently I "forgot" the promise I had made to myself??  I wanted revenge, I wanted to do better then I did the last time.  I signed up...and guess what, it kicked my ass again!!!  Lesson Learned...the course is INSANE...I only beat my time by 10 or 15 minutes..HA!  BUT, I did feel pretty solid until the end...1/2 mile, up hill barbwire crawl through the mud, rope climb, slippery wall...last mile was tougher then the 1 mile black diamond mountain climb!  I'm lucky I was able to jump over the fire ;) part, I spotted the owner of "Spartan Races" and we were able to get a picture with him!

 Super pumped - our team before the race!

The Course Map...looks easy on a piece of paper!

 Our moment of fame before the start line with Joe

The Finish Line!!! 

The fog never lifted...this was after the race.

Cheers to us (The beer is mine ;)