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December 2015

By far, my favorite time of the year.  This was our first Christmas in Massachusetts and everyone was able to be together.  Nothing brings more joy to my heart!!

Mama Arrives!!!  Caravan from Virginia came in a few days before Christmas!!

First Stop, Pepere's Basketball Game!  He is the assistant coach at Old Colony High School.

Brought My Mommy to St. Anthony's for Mass.

Preparing for Cookie Day!!  Pepere is trying to figure out the Finch Cookie Recipe...he is a little taken back ;)

After the dough settled, it was time to wake up and take on COOKIE DAY!

We even had live performances!!!

After we all cleaned up, it was time for a little ICE SKATING!!!!

Sleepy Bunch!!

Today is the day of all days - must get started with a BIG breakfast...its time for some family CHRISTMAS OLYMPICS!!!  ...May the best team win...or cheat a whole bunch to win!!  Before we get nasty and sweaty, since we are all together...we have to have some family pictures taken ;)

Let the games begin!!

We decided everyone should have a crown, after lots of swearing and fighting...we decided to stay family in the end!!

Christmas Eve! Time to write some letters to Santa and write out letters for the big guy!  Good thing the little ones have some extra help!

We must leave some goodies, I mean, we did spend lots of time baking them!

Time to put the kids through torture...teeth brushed, hair fixed, exercises and all...have to be ready to open presents - stretch it out!!!

Christmas Eve dinner at Memere's and Pepere's - this is a little out of order.  Our last Christmas Eve with Grand Memere :(

Christmas dinner at Memere's....and more PRESENTS!!!!

We are so blessed to have such an amazing family!!!

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