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Home at Last...

As many of you know, Leah had to return to the hospital on Tuesday. When we left the hospital on Saturday, they were a little concerned about her jaundice level. We went and had lab work done on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and her level did not drop. Tuesday afternoon they admitted us back into the hospital so Leah could lay under the lights. After about 17 hours under the lights, her levels dropped from 17 to 10.5! This was great news for us. We were able to come home with a healthy little girl on Wednesday night. Yesterday was the first day that we did not have to go to the hospital for 10 days was so nice ;) We are now trying to establish a normal schedule with her so we might be able to get some sleep at night! Its amazing how quickly I forgot how much work taking care of an infant is? ;) ..but it is so worth it! Also, thank you so much to Memere and Pepere guys were a BIG help over the weekend..and the meals you left behind were delicious!!! Grandma and Grandpa Finch...thank you as well! Your taxi services and visits are much appreciated!!! I dont know what I would have done without all of your help.
Leah hanging out in the tanning bed ;)
Memere sent Leah an angel
1 week old in the hospital
6 days old
Leah's first bath
Looks like someone is very jealous?


Jen hasn't come home yet but she wanted me to put some photos up for you to enjoy! -Jeanine

Grandma and Leah

Daddy and Leah

The Family! Yay! Shes finally here!!!
Big Sisters
We are so happy to finally meet our little girl....
OH MY!!!!
Look at mom...always multitasking! Sew me up and show me my baby!
Leah Marie Robitaille
Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
8lbs 10oz
21 inches long I think hes ready? Little did I know what I was in for ;)

Not Today!

We are finally home from a crazy day! We went to the doctors this morning for one last check to see if she was head down...GOOD NEWS...she was!!! So, this created more options, other then a c-section. We decided to go with inducing labor. I went in this afternoon for them to try and "soften" my cervix, we were there for 4 hours. We left the hospital around 5pm and I have already started with mild contractions. Soooo, now we wait to see how stubborn our little girl is going to be;) Worst case, we are on the schedule to have her on Wednesday. Hopefully, things will progress a little quicker and we may get to meet her tomorrow! Thank you all for your wonderful emails, we really appreciate it :) Love to all!

Almost There!

Ok, so I have been pretty horrible at keeping this up! We are 39 1/2 weeks. We went to the doctors on Tuesday for a weekly visit and found out some unexpected news. Every week they check to make sure that her head is in position for delivery, this week she was not. She is breach. Apparently, she didn't like to be upside down because for the last couple of weeks she was head down. We were going to try a procedure called an inversion, in which the doctor would physically move her into position, but we could not get an appointment at the hospital. So, we are scheduled for a c-section on Monday, February 16th at 1:00pm. Not the happy ending that I really wanted, but I will survive. They perform many c-sections everyday and I am starting to come to grips with it. I am really excited about meeting our little girl (and for my hands to stop hurting ;)! We do have one last appointment with the doctor on Monday morning at 8:00am, they will check her position one more time. If her head is down, I am assuming they will induce labor (not sure.) If she still breach, we will go ahead with the c-section. Leah will be here before we know it! Hopefully not before Monday ;) We will keep everyone posted!!! Once we have the baby, Jeanine will send out an email to everyone.