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February 2015

Super Bowl:  Patriots vs. Seahawks / Bregman's 32nd Birthday

What a great day!  Patriots win the Super Bowl (in a nail biter game) and Breg's turned 32!  The kids and I made him cupcakes, we ate lots of yummy food, played a few "games" and watched the game!  Jake even woke up the babies to celebrate the Patriots win!  Poor kids ;)

Before the Game ....and after the big win!!!

Every time the Patriots play in the Super Bowl, Jake takes Monday off (just in case)!  While he was home, he went to eat lunch with Leah at the Elementary School!

Saturday Bowling!
Jake and I found a great deal for two hours of bowling....and away we went!  We had a great time!  I almost had a "Turkey"  "XXX".  Thank goodness for bumpers!  Grandma and Jeanine came to cheer us on!

Early February Outdoor Run!
After weeks and weeks of crappy weather, we had a beautiful Saturday!  We planned a trail run at Burke Lake. It felt so good to get out of the house and run without loosing the feeling in your fingers and toes! Jeanine even found a little surprise...Geocaching!  We really didn't have much to leave...but it was still cool! ;)

Jake and Leah's Date Day!
Leah's Christmas gift was Disney on Ice, which came to the Verizon Center in February!  Daddy and her drove into DC, spent the day working at Jake's Jobsite, did a wardrobe change, went to dinner...Jake says Leah picked Hooters, I'm not sure I believe him??  And afterwards, they went to the show! 

Leah showing off all her hard work ...or modeling skills?

Caution is right...

So hard to decide...wings, wings or more wings??

Posing with the princesses!

Waiting for the show to start...
My Loves!

Valentine's Day!
We had an amazing Valentine's Day breakfast with the family!  Jeanine and Grandma came over.  Grandma and the kids made heart shape cinnamon rolls while Jeanine and Jake cooked up a yummy meal!  When I was looking for a centerpiece for the table and couldn't find anything I liked...I had an idea to make our own.  Everyone made a flower to go in the vase...such an assortment of different flowers that turned out beautiful!!

Later on...Jasmine went to work on her masterpiece.....

Snow Day!
We had plenty of these days...this one was our first...just enough to shut down DC ;)  This was nothing for what we were about to encounter in MA...

Leah's Birthday
Happy 6th Birthday her request, she wanted chocolate covered Oreo's instead of a cake!  Due to the snow, school was closed, but the following day she was able to wear her birthday crown AND collect her library birthday pencil!!  Matthew and I met her at school to have lunch with her and pass out the Oreos!

Alycia and Leah's Birthday in MA!

That Weekend, we headed to MA to celebrate Alycia and Leah's Birthday!! Alycia picked a "Frozen" Theme for the party (just kidding, it was Leah's idea ;)  We tried to get Alycia to dress up, but she was not having any part of it.  We had a great weekend with the family!  Thank you to Alycia and Chris for hosting us :)
BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!  We arrived at Alycia's just before midnight on her birthday!

On Friday, Jake and Memere took all the little ones roller skating...they had a blast!!

On Friday, we had dinner with Kim and Nate.  Nate surprised Jake with asking him to be his Best Man!  Jake and Nate have been friends for a very long time.  Nate was in our wedding in 2008!  Jake is super pumped to be part of their special day!

Well, if there is going to be lots of snow, we mine as well take advantage of it!  While everyone in MA was tired of it, the kids played and played outside, they loved it!

Birthday Party Time....The road is clear...

Jasmine being goofy

The guests start to arrive....

You cant have a Frozen party without blue Jello Shots??

So proud of my Jasmine, she made "Pin the Nose on Olaf" for the party...she is so talented!!!

The birthday girls...and Carson...blowing out their candles

Love our was so nice to see everyone!!!

Relaxing back at home in VA...these two!