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May 2014

Welcome to the family...William Adam Paul Robitaille!!
 Last prego pic before Mr. Will was born...Maggie and Adam hosted us for dinner the Saturday night before she went into labor!

 ...and here he is!!  We went up to the hospital to meet the newest member of the family - May 5th...Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! (I'm so celebrating his 21st birthday with him!!)

 Robitaille Boys!!!

 ...Proud Memere and Pepere!!

 One of Adam's first diaper changes...I had to take the pic...I know, its not right ;)  But it was funny..hehe

 Little nugget and his mama

 So Sweet...I dont want them to leave us :(

My 38th Birthday / Mother's Day

 We celebrated with Adam and Maggie and ate delicious pizza from Padrino's - YUM!! Renee and Jasmine met Will for the first time!  Copper did not like the fact that Jasmine was sitting in her spot!!
Thank you so much for having us over!!!

My wonderful cake!!  It was soooo good!!!

 Jasmine and Will

 Adam teaching the kids how to get the dogs to listen

 Will giving Renee and Jasmine the evil eye

Mama and baby...

 Mother's Day morning, Jeanine, Jake and Matt made us a wonderful breakfast!!

My mom and dad on the deck

...opening her presents...

 The mama and her babies....

 ...where did she go??  #shortmomprobs

 Matt and Jeanine

 The kids made me this canvas - it is a sunshine with all of their handprints...I LOVE IT!!  What an awesome gift!!  I always sing this song to them...

Jeanine and Renee

Renee's Senior Ceremony
What an amazing evening!  Renee received a medal for carrying a 4.0 and above grade point average, she received the Principal Medal for being an outstanding role model / student and she received a $1,250.00 scholarship that she interviewed for outside of school.  She has worked so hard all throughout high school, we were very proud of her!!


Run or Dye 5k - Washington DC / Renee's Senior Prom

Ok, so maybe this was not the smartest decision ever...but it worked out - we had a really good time!! We woke up, picked up Aaron, drove to DC, ran a 5k, covered ourselves in dye, drove home, showered and scrubbed, took Renee to get her hair done, put her in a dress and away they went!  ...They cleaned up well!  I was stained for days!!


Run or Dye 5k - Washington DC / Renee's Senior Prom
Whenever we are in the area for Memorial Day weekend, I enjoy taking the kids down to Route One to watch Rolling Thunder - 1000's of bike drive by on there way to the DC!   The kids love watching the bikes, I love hearing the bikes and enjoy being involved in honoring those that have served!  I don't know why, but it brings me to tears every time!  This year, we drove down the street closer to the Town of Dumfries and ate breakfast at Harold and Kathy's after the bikes rolled through!  I'm not sure how, but for some reason, I have no pictures of Leah!!!


...and then there was only one Robitaille family left in Virginia :(.....

My last day with Mr. Will...I snuggled and snuggled him and didn't let him go.  We had dinner at Adam and Maggie's on Monday, they came by for breakfast on Thursday before Leah's graduation and they were off!!!  New York here they come....

My little guy was so tired after going to Uncle Adams, he could not even make it up the stairs!

....we will miss you guys!!!

Leah Marie's Preschool Graduation
Our little princess is going to Kindergarten in the Fall.  She is my 5 year old going on 20....she never misses a beat! Reminds me a lot of my Jaz ;)


Massachusett's Visit / Bregman Wedding
At the end of May, we made our way north for the weekend...RYAN AND LYNNE WERE FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!  We hung out in Fairhaven for the day and headed up to the wedding...

at Fort Phoenix on a beautiful day!

Pictures of Ms. Grayson

Love this!!! (Missing Andrew)

Adrianna and her bunny ears!

Late Mother's Day Dinner in Mattapoisett

On the shuttle ride to the Bregman Wedding

Ryan waiting patiently for his bride!

Time to Party!

Me and my handsome hubby

The Boys!!

Hehe - mom torturing Leah on the 8 hour ride back to VA!